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  1. lorisarvendu

    Jun2014 10

    From the album: Bogs June 2014

  2. lorisarvendu

    Jun2014 09

    From the album: Bogs June 2014

    Drosera rotundifolia. "ideal for an outdoor bog garden where it can self-seed and spread." Well, it's done that alright.
  3. lorisarvendu

    Jun2014 05

    From the album: Bogs June 2014

    Drosera anglica.
  4. lorisarvendu

    Jun2014 04

    From the album: Bogs June 2014

    Drosera hybrida (filiformis x intermedia according to Little Shop of Horrors).
  5. Looking at my little D. capensis today I have seen many of the ends of the tentacles where the mucus comes from have turned black and some of the new leaves coming out look black!!!!! Are they done for, is it a fungus, black root rot!!! REALLY don't want to lose the first lot I have got to grow. Any help more than welcome.
  6. Well we have had some good sunny days and I have taken full advantage by running out first light with plants and bringing back in as the cooler nights draw in. The growth of the plants from this is amazing and each plant is sending up new leaf shoots every day. Along with this they are catching a huge amount of food. in a matter of hours most of the leaves have something stuck to them. One plat got hold of an ant... I didn't know how it would cope with this and it didn't do well. Within a few ours the leaf was looking a little odd and I removed the ant but a few more hours on and the area whe
  7. Hi all, I would like to share my personal victory with Drosera rechingeri. I bought the gemmae from Mr. Lowrie two years ago and I started grow about 20 young plants. Here is a picture 3 months old plant After 2 years I grow last 2 plants . But here is my VICTORY - I will harvest 2 gemmae Enjoy it !
  8. lorisarvendu


    From the album: Sundew Surprise

  9. lorisarvendu


    From the album: Sundew Surprise

  10. lorisarvendu


    From the album: Sundew Surprise

  11. lorisarvendu


    From the album: Sundew Surprise

  12. lorisarvendu


    From the album: Sundew Surprise

  13. lorisarvendu


    From the album: Sundew Surprise

  14. I have a D. capensis in a bunch that I am growing and it is showing some strange trap formation. Some are coming out hourglass shape some only have as few as two tentacles stuck on the end of a leaf. Both types show a response to food. I'm thinking should I cull this one as I hope to breed some of the plants for seed or should I isolate it and let it self pollinate and see if its offspring show more interesting variation? I'm 90% sure that the traps forming in such a way is not down to physical damage but could be from something too small to see such as a virus or damage at seed level.
  15. I have a few lost D. capensis seeds sending up shoots but they are from deep down in the sphagnum moss, problem is they are very leggy with thin white stems of about 1cm+. Will they, if re-potted deeper and the stems in the dark root from the stems or are they just likely to rot. I have six healthy little seedlings but would like to save these ones as well if I can. I know they are only D. capensis but I'm hooked.
  16. drosera erytrorisa ssp collina erytrorhiza squamosa 'sand forme' Drosera browniana qui pointe Drosera bulbosa ssp bulbosa Drosera tubaestylis avec 3 anomalies Aff.rosulata Amas de tubaestylis (Yves y'en a t il des verts et des rouges?) Drosera ramellosa j'en ai de plus en plus Drosera aberrans La fleur Drosera browniana D.peltata englesia var gracilis
  17. From the album: New Bogs

    There is one in there somewhere, honestly.
  18. From the album: New Bogs

    I'm so glad these have survived. Can't remember which one it is now, but sundews are by far my favourite cps.
  19. lorisarvendu

    Pot 3

    From the album: New Bogs

    A few more saras and to the left at the front, 3 or 4 hardy UK sundews.
  20. Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of finishing my terrarium and I was wondering if D. burmanii could be kept as an epiphyte. The back panel of the terrarium will be a large plate of rough cork bark, in which I plan to make a few holes that can contain some growing medium. Could anyone enlighten me if D. burmanii has long or large roots and if this is even possible? Has anyone perhaps tried this already? Grtz, Johan
  21. I should have known if my plants were catching fungus gnats then there was a chance that the larvae could be in the sphagnum moss they are growing in. Sure enough they are I removed two with a pin but where there are two there are twenty. The two I removed I fed to the plants... oddly enough on contact with the dew they writhed and knotted themselves in the same way a hag fish does. I'm guessing this is to try and remove the mucus from their skin. Within seconds they have elongated to full length and gone rigid, it is hard to tell if they are dead or simply in paralysis by the mucus. I will t
  22. As I type this hail is battering at the window, Well it has been a little while since I added a page to my blog. My little plants are still doing well and feeding like mad but due to the low light levels growth has all but stopped. Each plant now has about eight leaves and two that have yet to unfurl. All in all the plants look like they have gone into a slow growth phase. I now see the importance of light for them, not that I don't know that all plants need light my ficus is also slumbering waiting for longer days but it does go to show that without light feeding of Drosera is little close to
  23. Well it looks like I have an outbreak of fungus. The northern sun is a little low in the sky so light levels have been poor. It also means the windows have been shut for some time as my girlfriend finds even the slightest draft "Freezing!" As such my little D. capensis seedlings have little dew and if a springtail gets caught it is rotting faster than the plant can eat it. The fungus is cotton wool like bright white and sending out mycelium that bloom now and again on the surface of the sphagnum moss. I can see one leaf that it is on has withered somewhat but on others it looks like it is hav
  24. Getting bigger and feeding well... I have seen a slow down in the growth but I have this down to falling temps and light levels (still growing on windowsill). I just hope it doesn't get too clod for them but from what I have been told they are somewhat bomb proof. As you can see the little springtails have little chance, they are deep in the moss but from time to time must come up and get stuck in the tentacles.
  25. From the album: CPs

    Getting bigger every day... I'm shocked at just how quickly this is growing. (Thanks to a collection of lenses joined with bluetack I got a not too bad image with my phone)