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  1. Hello, Couple of pictures from my recent trip to Croatan National Forest. :)
  2. Here are some pictures of my Greenhouse and some of its inhabitants after the only (almost) three sunny days of this summer... I hope you'll like it. :-) Dionaea muscipula 'Funnel Trap' / 'Trichterfalle' by Garnivore, sur Flickr Dionaea muscipula 'Funnel Trap' / 'Trichterfalle' by Garnivore, sur Flickr Dionaea muscipula 'Akaï Ryu' by Garnivore, sur Flickr Drosera adelae by Garnivore, sur Flickr Drosera adelae by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia x Moorei -- Pinkish top (H87 MK) by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia x Moorei -- Red high pitcher (SXM71 CA) by Garnivore,
  3. It's been a while since I last posted here! The last couple of years has been very busy with university, fieldwork, and travelling around various parts of Europe, with much time spent away from home. While I found time to tend to and tidy the hardy plants in the greenhouse from time to time, as a result my indoor collection, which I was very proud of, has shrunk considerably due to neglect and pests. I am looking to build it up again to some extent, especially with Drosera and Utricularia (I can't believe I lost my prized flowering specimens of U. quelchii and praetermissa - there was some sor
  4. Attracted by what I thought might be a picture of a Utricularia asplundii on BBC's news site today I clicked the link to an item about the world's tally of plant. Although there was no mention of any Utrics they did mention and show a photo of a "new species" of Droser...D's the link
  5. Hello everyone, I have a potentially inexperienced question to ask. Why do I never see Drosera Slackii Seed? Have i missed something huge? For example... the fact that they are sterile similiar to drosera hybrida? Or are they just difficult to get to go to seed? Thanks in advance
  6. Good evening all, its been a while since I've made a post but I'm just curious if others have this.... well its becomming a problem I purchased a single, small drosera adelae in September last year a small specimin for the princely sum of £3, it grew well so I thought I'd divide it in case the worst happened... well now its taken over. They seem to send runner's of sorts that pop up in any location in its pot, and have even started to migrate out of the pot and into the small well of water in the propagator underneath. Ironically I didn't think I'd do too well with it as it requires warme
  7. Just a quick 2 minute tour of my glasshouse showing some Drosera, Saracenia, Drosophyllym and Venus fly traps Im growing In New Zealand Please subscribe I will make new cp videos and have quite a few already on my youtube channel
  8. Finaly, I managed to get my brevifolia flowers on camera. Sorry for the poor quality. I grow them usually outside, in a small container covered by ceran wrap, in LFS, but with temperatures going down to 8c, I moved them under 6xT5
  9. Hi everyone, I'm struggling with my D. paradoxa: I want to multiply this lovely plant, but it doesn't work! I tried leaf cuttings and even flower stem cuttings, in sphagnum, in water. Nothing... Did anybody succeeded with this particular species and has a trick to share? Cheers Vincent
  10. Roridula dentata from seed!! Roridula gorgonias on bloom!! Drosera aff. macrantha Nepenthes ventricosa x maxima from seed on bloom!! (very strong, grows all yeat outdoor in Florence)! Happy new year to all!! Cheers, Lorenzo
  11. Well, I'm happy to say that my D. Platypoda have survived their first dormancy period in my care. One came up a couple of weeks before the other, same as last year, but they are both alive and growing. I took a photo of the first one to wake up, which has now developed a flower bud as well. I will post more images when the second plant (in the pot in the background) has put a bit of growth on and when/if the flower opens. Best regards, Ian.
  12. Hi there everyone, I've just joined CPUK recently, and have grown cp's including temperate drosera for about 5 years, however I had to stop for a couple of years until this January. I live in Scotland, my greenhouse minimum temperature is set to 10°C and gets up to around 15°C during the day. I'll be receiving three drosera regia plants soon, and have read the entries on regia in Slack's 1979 and D'Amato's 'Savage Garden along with many of the posts in this forum. What I'm unsure of and would like some advice on from those who have had success in cultivating this species, is how to treat the
  13. I have got a little news. My ebook Drosera of Japan has been released on Amazon. It will soon be available on other websites as well. I hope you guys enjoy it!
  14. Hi there, today I used the time and the gaps between the clouds to take some photos. Autumn's comming... That's all. Have fun, regards, Christian
  15. Hi all, I've been keeping Carnivorous Plants since Dec 2012. Till today, April 2014, I have a handful of them. I particular love Dionaea Muscipula. I do have some Drosera and Cephalotus. I always love plants that are small and clump together. I chose small and packed plants secondly because of my very limited space in a small 90 meter² floor space home. As I started my very first plant from seed, a Dionaea Muscipula. I shall share the video of my very first plant germination and continue to grow for total approxmately 80 days, made into a short clip. Please enjoy, choose full HD 1080 and wat
  16. Hi there im in need for some plants so can i have free plants like sundew seedlings anything would work but seeds will be okay but will need a detail of how to germinate and grow them pls get back :) -Sabian
  17. Hi all, Just thought of sharing my images for Drosera brevifolia. Very easy grower. Grown from seeds from ICPS seed bank. Sown May 2015, now fully grown. The whole container is an old pint ice cream container, with saran wrap with holes covering the top. I keep it in the sun under a 40% shade cloth Planted in 100% LFS, with 0.5 an inch of water on the bottom
  18. Hi, in this thread I want to show pictures of some of my south african drosera. I will start with some pictures of a white flowering Drosera cistiflora.
  19. Hello all who stumble across this. . . . . .. I originally read an interesting post by NialFM and rather than fill that with nonsense I thought it best to start this blog and link it from there Producing plantlets of VFT and drosera via water immersion technique So, what's going on here? - After reading the above experiment I decided to have a pop myself. I have the time and patience so why not?
  20. From the album: Bogs 2015

  21. From the album: Bogs 2015

    I think this is the Great/English Sundew, d. Anglica.
  22. After some great help from this forum, we ordered three different drosera varieties from Hampshire Plants, which arrived today. I would like a little bit of advice please. The d. binata looks completely dead. Is this normal? I know the pictures on the site are what you can aspire to having, but this is the complete opposite. Also, it's quite dry, and I thought they were supposed to be kept wet. Should I be concerned about the dead-looking state, or is this just the end of the winter rest period? The d. capensis narrow looks mostly dead, but there are a few new leaves starting to grow,
  23. Hi, This is my first post here so I hope that I am doing everything right. I've been growing a few of the common species of Pygmy sundews for about a year and a half. I first tried leaving them outdoors year round last year only to have a super harsh winter for this area and lost most of them. I bought a bunch more in spring. After they started producing gemmae I harvested and planted them and brought everything inside under a 600w grow light. All the gemmae sprouted and did awesome, and the adults seem to be thriving too. (I meant to build a greenhouse but didn't finish before the rainy sea
  24. Hi everybody In the last week I had taken some pictures from my collection. At first a few pygmydrosera. Drosera gibsonii Drosera stelliflora Drosera scorpioiedes 'pink' Drosera pycnoblasta My darlings from south america Drosera latifolia x schwackei Drosera latifolia {Banderia Peak} Drosera graomogolensis x tomentosa var. tomentosa Young Drosera graomogolensis {Itacambria, Brazil} ;) Drosera tomentosa var.glabrata {Serra do Caraca, MG, Brazil} Drosera capillaris And two from south africa. :) Drosera esterhuysenia x slack
  25. New pictures from Sunset Peak: