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Found 77 results

  1. Hi there, today I used the time and the gaps between the clouds to take some photos. Autumn's comming... That's all. Have fun, regards, Christian
  2. Hi all, I've been keeping Carnivorous Plants since Dec 2012. Till today, April 2014, I have a handful of them. I particular love Dionaea Muscipula. I do have some Drosera and Cephalotus. I always love plants that are small and clump together. I chose small and packed plants secondly because of my very limited space in a small 90 meter² floor space home. As I started my very first plant from seed, a Dionaea Muscipula. I shall share the video of my very first plant germination and continue to grow for total approxmately 80 days, made into a short clip. Please enjoy, choose full HD 1080 and watch in full screen for best experience. :)
  3. pomona

    Dionaea symptoms

    Hello, I am new to VFT caring, I have this plant that I love and I am very concerned. I bought it in February and it grew beautifully. I separated it and it seemed fine. I watered it with demineralized water except for the last 3 weeks I changed to boiled settled water. Lately temperatures increased up to 34 Celsius degrees and it might have got sunburn. I live in Bucharest. Does it have any chance to recover?
  4. Hello The very hot UK weather has played havoc with my CPs. I went on holiday for a week, and I thought the trays would be sufficiently topped up with water to last while I was away - previous years have been fine. But I guess the hot weather this year meant that they got through the water quicker than usual. Result: I got home and everything was pretty dry. many Dionaea had started turning black, many Sarracenia had also wilted. To make matters worse, I was also out of rain water. All I could do was give them tap water - I thought that would be better than nothing. I am in London so I am aware that the water is very hard (but I also remember growing CPs on my windowsill as a child and that's all I ever gave them, and they didn't do too badly). Anyway, hopefully some rain in the next few days, plus buying some distilled water if I have to, will solve the watering issue. My question is all these plants look pretty unhealthy now - what is the prognosis for them in the long term. Assuming I can get them the right water, will they recover? And will they recover this year, or is it a write-off for this summer but hopefully they will grow back well next year? Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hello Spiderman Patches Paulo's dentate Space Pluto 015 RMT 'Giant' Raptor Fausse raptor Diable rouge Wiky purple trap Lips and lashe Miss pimbêche Freak (Pologne) Microdent érected Korean shark melody Crocodile Korrigans
  6. does this Dionaea need splitting. I think it is more than one plant (I thing about five plants are in there )
  7. Hi There, a few years ago the owner of Joel's Carnivorous Plants led me to try out nutrients on some of my Dionaea Muscipula specimens. After trying out what he recommended to me, I decided to try other products. I ran across something called KLN, which contains IBA. I created a mixture of this and other nutrients(not really homogenous at all), and tested it out on some plants. After some weeks, I discovered how we can make the roots of Dionaea branch. I later shared this information with Joel Garner, and he too conducted the experiment himself. The vertical roots of Dionaea put us at a disadvantage because they are more prone to dry out since they use only a minimal amount of medium to extract water from. If they were to branch out a little bit more, they would use more water and stay hydrated longer, like most trees. Using what I've been calling the BMC Method, I believe that this can help plants stay more hydrated. In the pictures(courtesy of Joel Garner), you will notice that the tips of the roots start to callous and branch out a bit. I will be conducting more experiments with the KLN on other CP's soon. I just thought that I should write this because I know a couple other people are aware of this experiment, so this will let people know who discovered this.
  8. Hello dionophiles Dionaea 'C.M.spotted' Dionaea 'F04' Dionaea 'Cluster trap' Dionaea 'Kayan' Dionaea 'Plumeaufion' haha Dionaea 'Red shark teeth' Dionaea 'Alien' Dionaea 'Werewolf' Dionaea 'Triton' Dionaea 'Virussée' Dionaea 'Dracula' Dionaea 'Mirror' lucien
  9. I found this in my greenhouse dionaea, someone t already seen it?
  10. Hello et Hallo ,I do my pub Dionaea 'Scarlatine' Scarlatine bite on his bed spatulata Dionaea 'Sl seedling' Dionaea 'Belzebub' Dionaea 'Green wizard' Dionaea 'Miss pimbeche' Dionaea 'Fang' It seems that it's 'Spiderman' I have a big doubt Dionaea 'Red shark teeth' Dionaea 'Diable rouge' Dionaea 'Dents stress' Dionaea 'Jaws smiley's' Dionaea 'Dracula' And I would call an anomaly Red cup trap 'Giant'
  11. Chyou Xing

    My carnivous

    Hi.I'm new here,and I'm a freshman. :) Show a pic.I grow them in a pot in my dormitory.
  12. Serre par olive&co, sur Flickr Dionaea Muscipula par olive&co, sur Flickr Dionaea M. "UK Sawtooth 2" par olive&co, sur Flickr Graines dionaea par olive&co, sur Flickr Double piège Dionaea M. par olive&co, sur Flickr Double piège Dionaea M. par olive&co, sur Flickr Dionaea M. "ICPS 2004" par olive&co, sur Flickr Dionaea M. "ICPS 2004" par olive&co, sur Flickr Dionaea M. "Shark Teeth" par olive&co, sur Flickr S. leucophylla -- red Tube,Perdido, AL x S. flava var. atropurpurea -- all red tube,Blackwater River State Forest, Florida par olive&co, sur Flickr Dionaea M. 'B52' par olive&co, sur Flickr
  13. Hello all Diable rouge Fondue Green wizard formule 1 Green wizard formule 2 Microdent Microdents érected Mirror Moon trap Vitiligo piège Vitiligo plante Umgekrempelt Pluto Rabbit teeth Red micro teeth Scarlatine Scarlatine pieges Cudo UK sawtooth II Wahle Piege de Wahle Triton Crested petiole Louchapâtes Multidents La gigantéa
  14. Hi all, Some pictures of my collection... H.néblinae H.heterodoxa, grand sabana H.nutans H.nutans x ionasii H x tequila N.ovata N.spectabilis N.nigra N.jamban N.sibuyanensis N.x ventricosa 'créme' N.maxima, lake poso N platychila N truncata x sibuyanensis N.lowii x campanulata N x tiveyi N.robcantleyi N.truncata N.ovata N.villosa N.flava x sibuyanensis N.rebecca soper N.truncata x ephippiata
  15. TCurrell

    My Redline

    Here is a picture of my newly aquired redline, its growing perfectly healthy although it is quite "curly" leading me to wonder if it is truly a redline or not. Is this a normal trait for them, I'm not too knowledgeable on VFT's yet. Like i say its growing well and looks nice to me and was definitly worth the 6 quid i paid for it but i still have my doubts.
  16. Hi, after selling some of my plants on the forum with a saleslist, I decided to put up a small online store. It is now online at I mainly offer Dionaea and Sarracenia, which are propagated from my collection plants. For the shop opening there are some special sales which will be available for a reduced price until 15.07.2013. In the future I also plan to use the blog function to show some pictures and reports of my collection. Kind regards, Michael Ermel
  17. Hi all, Can anyone tell me the best time to start pricking out my VFT seedlings, as this is the first time I've grown any from seed and I'm a bit worried about disturbing them, by either doing it too soon or too late. At the moment they are just starting to unfurl their first true leaves and are still tiny. Would this be a good time to prick out and pot them on, or should I wait a while? Any advice would be appreciated. Best regards, Ian.
  18. Trap diversity and evolution in the family Droseraceae Simon Poppinga, Siegfried R.H. Hartmeyer, Tom Masselter, Irmgard Hartmeyer and Thomas Speck A new review has been published in PBS (Plant Signaling & Behavior) and is now online (open access, link below). Recent investigations revealed how the snap-traps of Aldrovanda vesiculosa (waterwheel plant) and Dionaea muscipula (Venus’ flytrap) work mechanically and how these apparently similar devices differ as to their functional morphology and shutting mechanics. Recently, it was also shown that there exists a higher diversity of different tentacle types and trap configurations in Drosera than previously known which presumably reflect adaptations to different prey spectra. Based on these recent findings, we finally comment on possible ways for intrafamiliar trap evolution. http://www.landesbio.../article/24685/
  19. Hi all So I am the owner of I started the channel itself a few years ago, but a couple of years ago, I started uploading carnivorous plant videos that I have filmed. The idea was to share with the world why exactly I find these plants so damn cool. It has grown and grown and now has over 230 subscribers and over a million lifetime views. The reason why I am posting this here though is because I am hoping that any of you who have carnivorous plant videos will share them so I can put them on my channel. In return, you will obviously get credit and a link in the description of your choosing as a way to increase traffic to which ever site you choose. So if any of you have videos you would like to share, please do. Only two conditions: 1. The video is of reasonable quality 2. Either mute or no background music (normal background sound is fine though) I started my fascination with these plants when I was about 8 years old. Now I want to show the world why we CP enthusiasts find these plants to be so damned cool. I hope I can have your help in doing so.
  20. Hi everyone, I seperated my VFT today and took a few photo's. This is the plant seperated , One of the new divisions, with a few older roots and a new one at the base of the rhizome, And the Mother and daughters potted up and settling in. This is my first attempt at dividing a plant and I've already been asked by friends for clones, so I hope they do well. Regards, Ian.
  21. Hi there! I have some plants refusing to do anything this year. They only send some little phyllodia, and thats all. Rizome is healthy, but plants refuses to do anything but very little phyllodia, and no traps. (One of the lazy leucos only give me one well developed trap, and anything else. The rest of the lazies, nothing but small phylodia. Just like if they were in a dormancy. I have some suspects about what can be happening. 1-All this plants where buyed this winter/spring to a grower in German. He is a very well known and reliable grower, so I don´t have any trouble with him. But its important because of the location and climate. 2-All of these non growing plants are "warm" Sarracenias. I mean, Sarrs that naturally grow in southern locations (minor and leuco). I have "cooler" Sarracenias from the same growe, as purpureas, and they are doing very well. 3- Last winter was specially cold in Germany. 4- All other plants (even the same specie as the lazy ones I have from several years, or plants purchased this winther/spring to "warmer" places than Germany in winter are doing really good! So I think those plants have suferefed of extreme cold this winter, (southest sarrs like cool winters, but not to cold). and they sould be in a kind of shock. They behave as if they were still in dormancy (even in this rare hot and sunny summer we had here). Now in october I see a little more growing in one of those minors. Is it aweking now in october? Well, the thing is I am tempting to take the littles ones like psittacinas or minors (I can´t put a leuco indoor) that have refused to grow this summer indoor, under light (Hi power cob-LED lights. I grow Helis with them. Extremely bright.) to push them to grow. Yes, I know that is probable they will grow next spring. But, hence they have been in dormancy from 2011 November till now, I am thinking about making them grow indoors until mid spring, to link with the natural growing season, and them take them out. Letting them "sleep" next winter. They are southest sarras I am planning to do that with. With (I think) not a need os a strong dormancy. (But, I know still necesary) Minor and psittacinas (Not all my minors, neither all my psitts.). In part because I want to see this plants growing at last, in part because of experimenting, Do you think I am making a really big dissaster here? Another question for you. It is known that little seedlings (of sarrs an VFT) can skip dormancy for one or two years). Can I do de same whit the VFT plantlets that grow from the mother plants?? . My bigs VFT are sending out some tiny VFT plants from theirs sides, Just wondering if i can put them under lights and skip dormancy as if it were a sedling. Thanks.