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  1. rik

    Dionaea nameless

    Hi all, A VFT that I like, to follow ...
  2. No the best photograph, but tries my best... 2 different varieties of darling I managed to save after my f... neighboor used phytosanitary products on them...
  3. Welcome to our carnivorous plant speed contest! Four carnivorous genera qualified for our speed contest and they all give their best. Is Aldrovanda able to keep up even against the water resistance? How well does the famous Venus flytrap? Does the sundew that is usually regarded quite sedate have a chance at all in this competition? And what's the story with the southern bladderwort? Examined in detail with the help of time lapse as well as slow motion shots. English subtitles provided, enjoy! Special thanks go to Dr. Simon Poppinga and his team of the Plant Biomechanics Group of the University Freiburg as well as to Dr. Jan Schlauer for his kind support.
  4. Took it upon myself to carefully track detailed information on how Venus Fly Traps grow from seed as seedlings since it seemed like many do not grow from seed and little about their growth at those stages is documented (believe me, I spent hours trying to find info on this). The parameters are based on watering amount (I've made up my own metrics for this based on the amount and different methods of watering per week), # of traps (.5 meaning a trap is either dying off or ailing), height, and width. This may not be typical for all, but you can find individual plant data as well as their corresponding charts for growth attached. As you can see, some have had a hard time this winter, though a few are showing signs of shaping up while some may simply not bounce back (which I've heard could occur... however you can see my growing conditions and more details on that in my other post here if you have any advice: https://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?/topic/61263-vft-mystery/&tab=comments#comment-403981). I didn't begin tracking until they were 4 months old; but I have more seeds on the way, and I will be sure to do the same for those from the start. If you have Excel, please don't hesitate to use the spreadsheets, as well, to input your own data and parameters. The pdf's are for those who don't but wish to view and do a side-by-side comparison if you so wish. Feel free to let me know of any thoughts or feedback - and enjoy! VFT #1 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #1 Growth Data.pdf VFT #1 Growth.xlsx VFT #2 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #2 Growth Data.pdf VFT #2 Growth.xlsx VFT #3 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #3 Growth Data.pdf VFT #3 Growth.xlsx VFT #4 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #4 Growth Data.pdf VFT #4 Growth.xlsx VFT #5 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #5 Growth Data.pdf VFT #5 Growth.xlsx VFT #6 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #6 Growth Data.pdf VFT #6 Growth.xlsx VFT #7 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #7 Growth Data.pdf VFT #7 Growth.xlsx VFT #8 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #8 Growth Data.pdf VFT #8 Growth.xlsx VFT #9 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #9 Growth Data.pdf VFT #9 Growth.xlsx VFT #10 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #10 Growth Data.pdf VFT #10 Growth.xlsx VFT #11 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #11 Growth Data.pdf VFT #11 Growth.xlsx VFT #12 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #12 Growth Data.pdf VFT #12 Growth.xlsx VFT #13 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #13 Growth Data.pdf VFT #13 Growth.xlsx VFT #14 Growth Chart.pdf VFT #14 Growth Data.pdf VFT #14 Growth.xlsx
  5. New playlist with recommended documentaries on different CP. The results of extensive research and own experiments from recent years. Ideal for dark winter days. View the whole playlist (starts automatically) or only single movies, selectable by clicking on the line symbol (1/10) in the upper left corner. All in HD, ideal for a large monitor. Irmgard and I wish you a good entertainment and a successful CP-season 2019. 1) Venus Flytrap Prey Capture 2) Catapulting Sundew (short footage) 3) Pitcher Plants Capture Mice 4) CP-Bug Mutualisms 5) Spiderleg Sundew Emergences (section Arachnopus) 6) The True Indian Sundew 7) Byblis & Lindernia: Motion and Enzymetests 8) The European Bladderworts (Utricularia) 9) Pygmy Drosera: Rapid Catapults 10) Fluorescent CP traps
  6. Hello friends I have been noticing a few problems in my minibog, which contains a Sarracenia, several Drosera and a Dionaea, the Drosera are fine and flowering, but the Sarracenia seems to be having trouble pitchering, it sent two rather short-lived pitchers, which dried up from the top, then the third one is kind of discolored (this scared me a bit), the rhizome seems healthy to my untrained eye at least so I hope it's not rot. The Dionaea is also doing weird things, it exploded into 3 or 4 plantlets just after not flowering (i cut it), and got 2 normal traps, but the new ones are taking ages to mature and some have burned before opening, the leaves are perky and the rhizome is again healthy, white-pinkish. So the question, are my plants horribly dying or are they fine and they just need time to adapt? Conditions: Soil: peat/perlite 50:50, some Sphagnum moss on top and some mixed in the media Light: it gets direct sun from 8am to 14 pm, I live in Spain so it's quite strong. Maybe it burnt the pitchers in combination with some hot wind. Water: RO, last month I was far from home so I topped the bog with water, when I returned i unplugged the drainage hole near the bottom and flushed it with some more RO water ¿Could this stagnation be the issue? I'm trying to keep it a bit more dry now Photos of the plants (I can't attach them, files too big): Dionaea: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gQqbaOdZuDUROc5CbEqrNp6tlZdFGr9H/view?usp=sharing Sarracenia: growth point https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sWsxExvkn-Wq54tfkKO67IdpGWzY_9Yo/view?usp=sharing general view, notice how the newest pitcher has some discoloration, even though it's not deformed or anything like that https://drive.google.com/file/d/12642LprEtKsUFNlHqX5Z7oH-_vQsd0JX/view?usp=sharing Thanks for your opinions on my plants, hoping they are fine, best regards.
  7. Hi Folks, I finally found the web page from experienced growers stating that VFTs can easily take -7°C, and for brief periods -12°C, although freezing drying winds necessitate protection. I have recently tried growing VFTs outside in the UK as I just stated in another post, and brought 6 different clones through unscathed (just north of London). All I did was place an open transparent cylinder of glass or plastic over the plants to protect from winds. In my limited experience they don't like blustery conditions at any time of year. I guess it keeps setting the traps off and they lose their energy. It wasn't a particularly cold winter, but they did experience frost. They all came through unscathed. I'll work my way around to post some pics. I just want to state here also that there was a healthy colony growing for many years in the New Forest in the UK, until it was recently apparently removed for not being native. I never saw them, but it was well known in an esoteric kind of way amongst CP growers, and I know the location. One of these days I will check it out just in case any are still there. Does anyone have any frost-experiences with VFTs to share? Is anyone prepared to experiment? Hi to Tropicat who said she would experiment (~8 Check out this web page: https://www.growcarnivorousplants.com/Articles.asp?ID=257 Karsty.
  8. Cup trap. Sl seedling. Schuppentiel 1. Funnel trap. S. leucophylla "Red Veines/White Top MK L 15", Citronelle AL Best regards.
  9. hi everyone from northern italy! i'm cultivating carnivorous plants from about 10 years,i've started with a small dionaea and a sarracenia from a garden centre,and now my collection is expanding. a lot! i've recently built a small greenhouse for the plants,so they can survive my cold winter here.. i'm currently experimenting a peat free mix in a lot of my plants,and i hope to going peat free with all my plants in the future. happy to join the best CP community in the world! cheers- fabio.
  10. hi everyone! there is some photos taken at my small CP collection. i hope you like it! Dionaea ARGO88 clone Heliamphora minor x heterodoxa Heliamphora minor "auyan tepui" Drosera capensis and Drosera capensis alba Drosera regia Drosera pulchella 44A red flower Pinguicula corsica "lago di creno" more photos will come soon!
  11. Must be something in the air/water within my greenhouse - I've currently got two oddball mutants in my Dionaea collection. Exhibit A - mutant trap on a seed grown Dionaea. As you can see, this clone has much reduced marginal lashes similar to bristle teeth and the like, so I guess the likelihood for mutation might be higher? Exhibit B - a rather interesting fasciated flower stalk & flower on D. m. 'Charly Mandon's Spotted'. From the first sight of the flower stalk, you could clearly see the triple-fused stem so I isolated the curiosity and kept an eye on the growth. I then saw the multiple flower buds (to be expected on 3x the stem)... What I didn't expect was a fasciated (or cristate) flower form with complete fusing across the top!
  12. Stu

    Largest trap?

    I was just wondering if there was to be a reprise of the Largest Trap Competition for 2017? Unless I have missed it, there hasn't been one for a couple of years and it was a good bit of fun. (Plus, I have a rather impressive contender already! )
  13. Hi all, Just adding some photos and updating everyone on how the displays doing, Pitchers have come up well, and most of the plants are now in full growth. However, I am having some issues with green fly on my Drosera and Dionaea. I'll hopefully get this sorted before September. I have also nearly completed my outdoor Carnivorous plant display (I know I'm spoilt) just need to finish getting materials then plants can start going in. Any comments are appreciated, but remember this display is still young and hopefully will continue to get better, any questions feel free to ask. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f67ojhpjb6ghrfr/AAA6fgcWVnxo7ZtrUnteuyUka?dl=0 Enjoy :)
  14. Hello everyone, I've had what I believe to be mites for a little while now on some of my dionaea I used a bayer spray that I was recommended that seems to work well, but they eventually come back, I would like to completely eradicate them, so please advise me on the best option, and if possible link me to the required items to do so (I'm in the UK) Any help is appreciated, Thanks
  15. Yada Rada


    From the album: my plants

  16. Yada Rada

    triton dionaea

    From the album: my plants

  17. From the album: my plants

  18. Yada Rada


    From the album: my plants

  19. From the album: my plants

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