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  1. Hello, I've bought a new Cephalotus Follicularis at the beginning of the month. It came planted on sphagnum moss. I've let them set on 1cm of water because the pot is very little and the sphagnum moss retains a lot of water. Since then, all its new pitchers have been getting yellow and fading away I thought it was normal but it's starting to run out of new pitchers. From what I've looked for it could be a Sudden Death Syndrome, but I'm not sure. I've stop keeping them sitting on water all the time I water them between 3 days or in hotter days I water then once per day. I've been thinking about changing the sphagnum moss for peat and perlite instead and some sand at the bottom as advised many times by other owners of Cephs. What do you guys think? I'm a beginner with Cephs so I must be doing a lot of stuff wrongly, even though I read a lot before getting them. It's still hard. I'll put some pictures of them as when I bought them and how They're now. First 3 are from around October 6th and 14th and last 3 Are from today October 23th.
  2. Hello Everyone I have been growing Cephalotus in the UK for over 25 years now but still no expert. I have done some Googling and there is often debate over what bit of the plant is which. For the purpose of this post I am referring to both leaves and traps as leaves. I have taken leaf cuttings in the past which you can do without disturbing the mother plant so much. I get around a 80-90% strike rate. However due to now living in a flat I don't have much windowsill room I don't take leaf cuttings anymore. I have a mother plant that I have had for ages and she was in a 4 inch (10 cm) and she is now in a 7 inch pot (18 cm). I take cuttings when I repot. I mainly take crown divisions which I remove from the outer rim of the plant. Now when I say crown I mean a rosette of leaves attached to a structure that is creamy white to brown (which I shall call a rhizome) that is usually below the potting medium. Now sometimes this "rhizome" in a bigger plant can be dark brown and sometimes a bit hairy and partly above the potting medium. In both the cases the cutting may have roots, or may not. When I say "roots" I am referring to the thinner parts of the plant below the "rhizomes" usually the same colour. Now then I have this year in January I had 8 crown divisions all of which have taken and a few have put out some new growth. As a few bits fell off I tried to take three "root" cuttings and put them horizontally in a pot covered by a centimetre of potting medium. All three have struck and have popped small leaves above the surface. I now wish I had taken pictures but here is one I found that I think make my ramblings clearer, it is on the website below. On this website it talks about root cuttings but it then refers to them as rhizome cuttings interestingly. https://carnivorousplantresource.com/the-plants/australian-pitcher-plant/ Any thoughts? I would appreciate any suggestions but a botanical slant would be good. Keep yourselves safe and happy growing Peace Adam
  3. 6 months ago as a baby. Photos taken this morning Hi there, Have this plant for 6 months. She grow bigger. (I had one before for 1.5 years but suddenly due to bacteria infected) Wonder why she have only one leaf. Any particular condition I missed for her. Any comment would be greatly appreciated! Cheers David
  4. Hello everybody! it's great to be part of this forum, it's my first post about a doubt with my Cephalotus. I received a young cephalotus one week ago, the plant adapted quickly to the conditions I gave it, also I repotted it because the small size of the original pot, but the plant looks fine!. Now my question is: Should I cut this flower stalk? I think that this plant is very young to flower, and It is my unique Cephalotus, pollination is not an option for me. I don't know if a flower stalk in cephalotus causes the same effects than a flower in a Dionaea, or how can the plant react if I cut the flower stalk. What would you advise me? Have you had experiences with cephalotus bloom? Thanks for your attention! greetings from Mexico. Some Pictures:
  5. Some Autumn colour on my Cephalotus. Dudley Watts Black Cephalotus Follicularis, One year old Leaf pullings 2PB Triffid Albany Black Big Boy
  6. Hi forum! I'm kinda new here, but have been lurking around for awhile. Sorry for a really long first post, haha! I recently aquiered 7 cephs from a gentlemen who seem to have taken good care of them, they were all in good shape upon arrival. My problems started the following morning when i saw a colour change in the largest specimen. It had gone a dull-ish colour and the back of the pitchers looked purplish!? From there the plant went to brown and i eventually cut away all wilted pitchers and a portion of the stem to where i could see white inside, instead of dead tissue. I have since just let it mind its own business thinking it may just have been stressed from the journey here from England (i live in Sweden). Though, the same thing have continued happening with the others aswell over the last month since their arrival. It starts of with the larger pitchers withering then the whole plant follows rather quickly. Even though it was happily putting out newgrowth up until right before the collapse. One of the collapsed plants i went ahead and sacrificed right after its demise to be able to examine its roots (and satisfy my curiosity). When cutting away the almost dead pitchers i noticed the center of the stem had a brown/black colour to it? I kept cutting until this black colour went away and the rest of the roots downwards from there seemed ok, fresh white fibrous roots and the older ones a burgundy colour. So i made root cuttings of everyrhing that seemed healthy. The other plants that have died down (i've got one healthy looking plant left atm) i've just cut away the dead tissue and left them be for now. The parts that are still above soil level still has a brownish colour to them. If it were root rot wouldn't it just have disintegraded? Or atleast turned black? Could this be the cephs adjusting, and that they'll eventually come back from the roots? What would YOU have done? Dug up another one and inspect what's happening beneith soil level? The cephs are sitting on my windowsill (south) with the blinds halfway shut to not get as much direct sun while acclimating (is this totally wrong?). They have a sunblaster 24W T5 fixture above them for light, and obviously a fair amount of natural light goes through the halfway shut blinds. I've kept to watering them when the soil starts looking a bit dry on the absolute surface. I hope someone can point me in the right direction. Would be a pity to loose em' all. It's really frustating seeing youre beloved plants die down for no apparent reason.. Thank's in advance! /Sonny
  7. Hey all, I grow all cps and with great success.. however cephs have always given me a hard time. I had 3 growing very well for over a year then out of no where they seemed to just fade away to nothing. So I just recently purchased a few new ones. Would I be better off growing them in my highland tank? 76 during the day and 55 at night? or in my tent.. 80 daytime 69 night. Both at 80-90% humidity thanks for the help
  8. I have a few seed grown location Cephalotus, including a number from GRR. This one in particular is different to the others from the same location in that it has a wide middle rib.
  9. I've purchased a 3W full spectrum PAR grow LED and adapted an old halogen desklamp to house it. I intend to try to grow a single Cephalotus under it, which has recently been reported. I will update pictures of growth rates on this thread. The plant will be photographed under white light but will be grown under the grow light. This is the light 1st October 2016 Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  10. Here are some pictures of my Greenhouse and some of its inhabitants after the only (almost) three sunny days of this summer... I hope you'll like it. :-) Dionaea muscipula 'Funnel Trap' / 'Trichterfalle' by Garnivore, sur Flickr Dionaea muscipula 'Funnel Trap' / 'Trichterfalle' by Garnivore, sur Flickr Dionaea muscipula 'Akaï Ryu' by Garnivore, sur Flickr Drosera adelae by Garnivore, sur Flickr Drosera adelae by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia x Moorei -- Pinkish top (H87 MK) by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia x Moorei -- Red high pitcher (SXM71 CA) by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia flava var. ornata -- Heavy veined Potterton and Martin J. Welham by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia flava var. ornata -- Heavy veined Potterton and Martin J. Welham by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia x Moorei -- Pinkish top (H87 MK) and Sarracenia flava var. ornata -- Heavy veined Potterton and Martin J. Welham by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora x S. flava var. atropurpurea -- All red form, Blackwater (SFX11 CA) by Garnivore, sur Flickr Leah x Leah Sarracenia x Moorei 'Leah Wilkerson' F2 (from Laurent) by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia x Moorei 'Leah Wilkerson' F2 (from Laurent) by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia x Moorei 'Adrian Slack' by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia flava var. ornata -- Heavy veined (F38 Phil Wilson) by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia flava var. ornata -- 'Super Ornata' by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia flava -- All red (SFX18a CA) by Garnivore, sur Flickr Encore petit, je l'attends aussi celui-là! :) Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora -- Don Schnell, very dark (J. Ainsworth) (F124 MK) by Garnivore, sur Flickr
  11. So, after 5 years of construction work, the scaffold has finally come down and I have access to my balcony again. This will be my Cephs first proper winter dormancy, they usually just sit on a cool window sill, but even then the temps don't go much below 15°C. Plant #1 Plant #2 Plant #1 again Plant #1 & #2 showing the difference in size If it gets really cold this winter, I will bring them indoors, but want to leave them out as much as possible. Hopefully I'll get some flowers next summer, I've not had any yet and I've had the plants since I sowed the seeds in 2011. Regards, Ian
  12. Hey im Sabian and i like to draw and paint things so heres some of my nepenthes drawings and paintings :) - Sabian Mehmetaj
  13. So I'm itching to get my hands on a Dudley Watts cephalotus (it seems to be the largest growing cultivar from what I've read?), however as a penniless student I don't want to be stupid with my money. I've seen cephalotus cultivars go for wild prices on eBay so it's clear it can all go a bit nuts, but I'd like to know what a 'reasonable' price for a small plant of Dudley Watts is worth? I get that it's whatever the buyer thinks the plant is worth, but there must be a sensible amount of money that most would be prepared to spend?
  14. Hi all, I've been keeping Carnivorous Plants since Dec 2012. Till today, April 2014, I have a handful of them. I particular love Dionaea Muscipula. I do have some Drosera and Cephalotus. I always love plants that are small and clump together. I chose small and packed plants secondly because of my very limited space in a small 90 meter² floor space home. As I started my very first plant from seed, a Dionaea Muscipula. I shall share the video of my very first plant germination and continue to grow for total approxmately 80 days, made into a short clip. Please enjoy, choose full HD 1080 and watch in full screen for best experience. :)
  15. Hiya Got a Cephalotus follicularis the other week from the Southport Flower Show and its traps are closing up. Its on a cill to a west facing window in the front room, I've been spraying and watering it with water from the water butt outside and it is coming to the end of flowering. I would like to know whether this is expected or am I doing something wrong and may have make some changes? I'll be gratefull for any tips and advice. Cheers
  16. Hi all, Sooner or later it had to happen, here in Italy we are suffering for more than a month, a wave of heat and moisture. Sunday evening I noticed that these 3 cephalotus were slightly wilted, I thought it was cause to leave them without water for a few days, yesterday the situation was worsened and I immediately understood that it was not simple dehydration. The ground was very wet and hot, and the plants are constantly overshadowed in the greenhouse under a table, with a good air recirculation ... What can i do? Preying i suppose
  17. Cephalotus grown using LED light with white, deep red, and far red LEDs
  18. I got my first Cephalotus about 3 weeks ago and they had no fluid in them when I received them and still have no fluid in them. Im still new to growing Cephs but I thought that there should be fluid in them by now, any suggestions? cheers! :)
  19. Hello, Some pictures of this month. Népenthes hamata Népenthes talangensis x glandulifera Népenthes jamban Népenthes inermis Népenthes glabrata Népenthes veitchii x (lowii x spectabilis) Népenthes robcantleyi Népenthes villosa Népenthes merrilliana x x trusmadiensis Népenthes burbidgaea x eswardsiana Népenthes flava x sibuyanensis Népenthes dubia Népenthes lowii x ventricosa
  20. Orlin

    Nepenthes Miranda

    From the album: Carnivorous Beauties

    They are getting big :)

    © OmaDesalasOrlin

  21. I've just picked out my "Mike's Super Fast" seedlings. I sowed a few other seeds at the same time and Mikes's Super Fast definately seems to be ahead of the rest: DSC_0291 by Carl Leach, on Flickr DSC_0305 by Carl Leach, on Flickr DSC_0292 by Carl Leach, on Flickr
  22. Hi all, I thought I would share some progress pictures with you of my terrarium I'm making. This will be a very drawn out project as I'm in no rush to get it done. Basically I divided a Ceph, had an old terrarium hanging around and then a friend gave me a load of perlite so I decided to do this: I'm waiting on a load of dried sphagnum moss to arrive to create a layer over the awful garish perlite. I'm looking forward to when the moss takes over and starts growing but even dead sphag looks better than garish white perlite everywhere! I'm planning on adding some Utrics and some Drosera at some point in the year. I will be looking at lighting options too as the lighting isn't adequate at the moment either. So if anyone has any tips there (I'll be doing it on the cheap) feel free to chime in, if not I'll be cruising the forum at some point looking at some of the million lighting topics for ideas. So yeah to sum up it looks horrible at the moment but won't when I'm finished!
  23. A couple of pictures of one of my Cephalotus plants. It seems to have gone crazy, throwing out pitchers on top of pitchers. I have actually removed a few and it's still going wild! Regards, Ian.
  24. CephFan

    Ceph seed micro

    From the album: Cephalotus

    © Copyright Steve T 2014

  25. Ron

    DSC cephalotus

    From the album: Ron

    My Cephalotus after a couple of weeks resting
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