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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to share this Drosera rotundifolia I found growing on Bodmin moor in the UK. They were once more widespread here, but following a recent expansion of the A30 road, a long strip of the plants were destroyed, along with some bog orchid species. This photo is taken of a population that grows about 200m from the road.
  2. Carnivorous plants in flower and how I keep them outdoors!
  3. From the album: Bogs 2015

    Purpureas tend to take over if they like the environment. So I've put them in their own pot. Looks a mess, but they'll soon repopulate it.
  4. From the album: Bogs 2015

    I'm not sure what that green shoot is, but I don't think it's carnivorous.
  5. From the album: Bogs 2015

    Why do the pitchers produce flowers first, then leaves?
  6. From the album: Bogs 2015

  7. From the album: Bogs 2015

    I think this is the Great/English Sundew, d. Anglica.
  8. From the album: Bogs 2015

    At the end of each year (probably around October) I completely cut everything down to the bone, leaving just the roots.
  9. From the album: Bogs 2015

    After months of inactivity, my pitchers seem to have sprung up overnight.
  10. From the album: Bogs 2015

  11. Hello, I have three outdoor bogs where I grow sarracenia and made this little video about early spring care. I hope some members will find it useful. And maybe subscribe to the channel :) Thanks
  12. lorisarvendu

    July 2014 2

    From the album: Bogs and Outside July 2014

    The sundews are starting to die back. Maybe it's too hot for them.
  13. lorisarvendu

    July 2014 1

    From the album: Bogs and Outside July 2014

    Meanwhile, in the bogs.
  14. lorisarvendu

    Jun2014 20

    From the album: Bogs June 2014

  15. lorisarvendu

    Jun2014 19

    From the album: Bogs June 2014