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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone Today I recieved a Argentii. Despite being in transit for nearly a month in the summer heat, it seems to have come green. However, there seems to be something wrong about it. If you see closely near the lower part of the newest leaf, you can see this shiny, pale green part that is unsettlingly close to the growth point. (the shine is not from water) The plant was shipped through temps in the 80s for nearly 3 weeks... Could this be signs of heat stress? If not, please tell me what this is. I do not want to import another one... The proccess kills me. Also, do you have any tips for acclimating nepenthes? Is low light and high humidity gradually increased/decreased okay? Thanks
  2. Hello everyone! I'm going to be getting a BCP clone argenti soon, and I want to know its characteristics. So far I've heard that the AW clone is tubby and good-looking BE clone is elongated, relatively a slow grower and a bit ugly NE clone (floreae collaborative) is robust I think? I'm missing a few distributors... So here's my question: What are the BCP argentii clone's characteristics, and how is it different from other clones?
  3. Hey everyone. Yesterday my two Nepenthes Argentii plants (size s) arrived, with its leaves and growth points blackened. It came moist, as it was shipped in a ziplock bag, and I saw some white dots of mold on the leaves. Only the roots looked sort of healthy. I soaked their roots in water for about an hour, cleaned the mold, and covered it in a ziplock bag before potting it. I've seen cases where an almost-dead plant comes back to its roots. The stem itself has traces of leaves, and I'm sure that there could still be some dormant growth points. Is there any possibilty of this poor plant coming back to life via basal or something? I'm keeping it out of light, in high humidity (80%-90%) and in a lfs/perlite/lava rock mix.
  4. This is my collection. I have been growing N. veitchii, argentii and smaller two campanulatas for 1 year, C. follicularis Hummers giant for 6 months and H. minor and 2 bigger campanulatas are added recently. They grow on windowsill that has 2h of direct sun in the afternoon and I supplement light with LEDs. Veitchii and campanulatas grow in open top small hexagonal aquariums. In the evening I spray them and run humidifier for 1 hour.
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