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Found 1 result

  1. Good morning! Every winter I experience the same with Drosera filiformis "red" (or "all red" - not sure what´s the official name now)! When the plants are older than 1.5 years they use to rot in winter! Note: Younger plants are not affected by rotting in exactly the same conditions! I try to keep the plants on the balcony as long as possible but of course don´t expose them to frost. Sure, the light is not the best at this season outside. But as it´s relatively cold anyway the plants use to build their resting bud and stop growing. Since the new coldness has appeared in the beginning of January the plants are kept permanently indoors in an unheated room below grow lights {my artificial supernova (a 250 W metal halide lamp)}. The first plants have started to rot already on the balcony. Others looked fine but have finally rot after putting them indoors, too! The plants are standing among my Lithops and currently the metal halide lamp is 1.4 m away from them. This is because to slowly adapt the Lithops to the more intense light (they spent their time on the balcony before as well!). I will decrease the distance to the lamp to 1 m in a few days. For the Drosera the lamp is a little too far away, okay, I understand this. Last year in winter I lived in my old flat which didn´t have a balcony. The plants were kept below a large South-West facing roof window with no additional light. Fairly different conditions than now. However I experienced the same with plants older than 1.5 years. They just rot while the seedlings next to them were still fine! I wonder if this is perhaps a natural behaviour of D. filiformis "red". I think that Amar has lost his old plants the same way. Amar? Is there anyone else with the same experience? Temperatures on the balcony ranged between 1 and 10°C while the plants have been kept outside. In my unheated sleeping room it is much warmer: ~15°C at daytime and ~10°C in the night. The plants have started to grow new leaves again. 4 have rot nonetheless. And now I have only three survivors which I´ve transplanted yesterday evening. I keep the soil only moist, not wet for the whole dark season. Finally: Of formerly 10 plants I have only 3 left at the moment. Not sure if they´ll survive at all. AND: I´ve NEVER had D. filiformis "red" older than barely two years! You cannot say the plants below the roof window would have had "dormancy conditions". Perhaps the key is to keep them growing below strong artificial light in winter? Your opinions and experiences desired! Thank you! Andreas PS: Looks like I have to sow seeds of D. filiformis "red" again.... PPS: Interesting: Smilies are not shown between square brackets! [ ]
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