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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone,these pics are update of my last vfts' experiments(the former report are onhttp://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=48193).Hope you enjoy them! dioneae muspicula ellis,growing in tap wasser culturing medium without hormons: plantlets are too green for lacking of light but I'm sure they will get yellow-green soon under my newly purchased lamps,which are more powerful. they are growing too crowed and needs seperating There are some plants flowering in the jar,and cansequently I self pollinated them looking foward to harvest bacterium free seeds. self pollination: these are plantslets domesticating,young plants are put on Quatz sand in combination of a little moss.In purpose of forceing plants adapt to High salt environment,The Wasser used are also tap wasser,mineral contained.My Ultimate goal is to grow this salt sensitive plant in my local without artificial intervention,and this will be disscussed in my next experiment. leaf pulling,growes very slowly. These are soil forming rocks in my location.Soil they generated are well known "purple soil",which lacks nitrogen and some other nutrinents ,maily distributed in municipal chong qing or some area of sichuan provence.In my area these rocks and soil they formed are abundant so I'm trying to use this as growing medium of vfts,anticipating a nice result! In addition,these rocks will not generate CO2 when met with hydrocloric acid, implying they contians little CaCO3. rocks(identical purple rock) plants transplanted in the purple soil.I will report results(die or alive) after 2-3months later. very sorry for the poor img quality!
  2. Hello everyone, At the same time of paopagating vfts,I also get some plants of leontopodium leontopodies (Edelweiss) and carry out TC experiment of them.Here are some pics to share with :) Red callus,inducted under inappropriate hormone circumstances,are took as inefficient to regenerate adventitious buds. This is the granie-like,green callus,we can also see that there are already some plantlets are growing at the surface of them. Seems like unpossible for roots to get inducted~ Regenerating and proliferation These plantlets are booming in the flask!! Another background: It is said that edelweiss contains some substances that are benificial for human healthy such as flavonoids.This plant may be worthwhile developing for tea or supplement making. Hope you enjoy them!
  3. Halo,everyone,I've been trying to carry out tissue culture of venus fly trap and recently I'm enjoying some progress. I'd like to post some pics to share with you. sorry for the poor img quality as I'm not a good photographier with a not so professional device,I also optimised these pics' hoffman code. .petiole with traps cut off: this is the traps: And,callus+adventitious buds: Then,I get some young plants: The flower stalk was cut off and placed on the medium for buds induction: see also,young plants in the "subculturing medium"to multiply themselves: Some books have said that VFTs could not live in High salt evironment however,to my surprise,these following pics demonstrate my VFTs can,at least in vitro,wheather a ralatively high salt concentration.Notice that the culturing midium is FULL STRENCE MS with ordinary wasser(not distilled or reverse osmoisis wasser at all).Actually,they grew slowly in such a medium but did not dead however. My next step is to widely induce callus and offer them high salt concentration in order to get a "salt resisting mutant"if I'm lucky enough. Any suggestions are welcomed!
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