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Found 18 results

  1. I have some various Drosera seeds germinating that have developed white mold/mildew on the soil surface. Some of the pots have quite significant mold growth and others just a little. I've read that white mold doesn't hurt the seedling (don't even know if that's true but read it on numerous sites) but I can't find any info on if it will hurt the seeds before germination occurs. Can anyone help with this topic?
  2. Hi everybody ! I am just getting ready to "sow" a batch of seeds for cold stratification (sarras, dionaeas, darlings). And i have some D. Gigantea seeds. But i'm not sure about how to sow them. Im not really sure about stratification for gigantea. Can someone clear my view about it ? Thanks Benjam
  3. Is there a particular type of sphagnum that would be good for Sarracenia seeds? For example, would fresh sphagnum be preferable to dried? Does it need to be treated in some way?
  4. I am fortunate to have received some seeds from the Carnivorous Plant Society in the UK. They are "Sarracenia mixed hybrids". What is the best course of action to grow them? From reading around, it seems they would require the sunniest window and rain water. I have the impression that once an appropriate soil mix is found, all that will be needed is rain water. It sounds like the soil mix is important to their success. They are meant to take a very long time to grow, years and years. Is there nothing that can speed their growth? There are about 30 seeds, altogether.
  5. Hi everyone, I want to start sawing some Nepenthes seeds, but I am wondering where to buy some fresh ones. I saw that czplants has many (so many that I doubt they are all fresh). Do you have other suppliers to recommend? Thanks for the info Vincent
  6. How do you guys control mould whilst germinating nepenthes seeds? I ask because i have some bicalcarata, spectabilis, flava and mirabilis seeds in milled sphag moss at the moment for the past 2-3 weeks. I treated the seeds to a hydrogen peroxide spray and did the same with the moss aswell as a blast in the microwave before sowing. i still get tiny amounts of green and white mould, less than the size od a pin head which i have been picking out to stop it spreading too much. does anyone use sprays etc it would be handy to know. thanks.
  7. hi I do not speak English well . Carnivorous plants seeds I bought from China have sent me the seeds away . Is it the seeds of carnivorous plants ? Please , if anyone knows the name of the seeds that I sent the film to tell.om China have sent me the seeds away . Is it the seeds of carnivorous plants ? Please , if anyone knows the name of the seeds that I sent the film to tell.
  8. Well it has been fun getting my little Drosera capensis from seed to flower. Planted first set of successful seeds on 2nd October 2013. Germinated on 25th October 2013. First true leaves 5th November 2013. First flower spike seen 28th June 2014. Now between the sowing of the seeds and the flower I had fungal problems, mishap with environmental change and fungus gnats but I have now some very healthy and strong plants. Now thanks to a kind member on the site I have more than enough seeds to fill my house a hundred times over with Drosera. Things I will be trying in the coming months and in the new growing season: Leaf Cuttings. Different types of growing media. A large scale Drosera setup. Wild moss types as surface cover. All in good time but hope to have some on the go very soon.
  9. Hi, Today is a festival in my terrarium. Why ? Because, after many acharnements, I have succeeded to do germinate some Codariocalyx motorius seeds, or telegraph-plant. All I can say it's that the germination rate is relatively low since, on ten seeds, four have germinated only. Here you have some pictures of the seedling, with some explanations. 13/05/2014 16/05/2014 24/05/2014 02/06/2014 For those who want to know how I've done : - The seeds have hardened 3 or 4 days in water, kept hot (25°C-30°C). - After that time, I observed that some seeds (fairly low, maybe 25%) swelled. But, at the contrary to what I knew, no sprout is appeared. However this swelling translated a water penetration inside the seed, so a begining of germination... I supposed that the integuments was too much tough, too much resistant to be perforated by the sprout. So I processed by a scarification with the swelled seeds (I cut volontary a part of the integuments, with precision not like a beef). In less than two days, four sprouts are appeared ! - I've transplanted the sprouts on a substrate composed with peat and sand (60%/40%). All of this has been placed inside my lowland terrarium, so approximatively 80% of hygrometry night and day, 30°C the day and 23°C-25°C the night. - I should separate all the young plants in several pots now. But I know that this specie is hard to transplant because you must take care of its roots. In all cases, I already could observe many movements of the plants. They stay slow and you must not hesitate to look a long time if you really want to see. The movements are not continuous. The leafs subside or straighten all the time.
  10. Sorry for the poor wording. This year I have been trying to cross pollinate my red piranha and "Dentate" Venus flytraps and should hopefully have some seeds in the next week. Will the first tiny traps have the tooth shape, colouration etc of the mature traps or will I need to wait 3 years+ to decide which are worth keeping? I am new to growing flytraps from seed and I understand that the seeds will be a genetic mix, so i will get a variety of plants from the seeds. Please correct me if any of this is inaccurate.
  11. Hi everyone, What is your favorite "receipe" to avoid mold and algae to grow faster than your Nepenthes seedlings? I've read about H2O2, including charcoal in the medium, spraying with fungicide, nothing at all, etc. What worked best for you? If you use a fungicide or another kind of substance, would you share the name with us here? Cheers Vincent
  12. I finally got my Darlingtonia seeds to sprout, i stratificated them in the fridge for 4 weeks in some moist spag moss in a ziplock bag the Sewed them on August the 10th. This was my first try so i am a very happy bunny
  13. Hello, this is my first post in this forum, and one of the main reasons I join rather than just stalk all your old answers. I've some experience with carnivorous plants and plants in general, also in bonsai, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that I actually know what I'm doing. And I've none whatsoever with terrariums and artificial lighting. I recently got re-interested in carnivorous plants strongly, and the only way to get plants where I live, with a few exceptions, is by ordering them online. Like living plants have hard regulations and even quarantines times here, I ordered seeds online. So, to the point. I builded a "terrarium" to grow the seeds now, and in the future to keep some of the plants I'll grow there. I used a space that was originally build for a TV, but like I haven't had a TV for over 4 years I thought about giving this empty space a better use. Here is the thing It's very simple, enough to keep the humidity and heat inside I think Here is the thing that is worrying me. It's about 65cm tall, and worried about the amount of light. Right now I've this LED panelin it. This is how it looks: (it's no finished yet) I put some aluminum foil in the walls, and I also redirected the LED spot lights outside to the inside. It doesn't give much extra light, but you can see the plants inside better. So, this is my question, is this enough light to germinate seeds? should I lower the panel? get another one? another source of light maybe? Should I forget about this wretched thing and just germinate them outside? The seeds which I plant to germinate there are the following ones: - Sarracenia seeds (already in the fridge) After their first year or so I'm going to put them outside. - Darlingtonia seeds (also in the fridge) With this ones I wanted to try some inside, and some outside after they grow a bit, I'm worried about the high temperatures in summer. - Heliamphora nutans. Now this ones are important to me. This ones are the ones which I more care about. I only have five of them (in the mail right now) and are really hard to find. I almost bought some plants from wistuba but I didn't have the courage, nor the money to import living plants. Also, this ones are really important because they are the main plant that I think to grow in this "terrarium" once the seedling stage is over. So any advice here would be very very welcome. - Cephalotus seeds (also in the mail and really hard to find) I also only have 5 of them, and cant afford to lose them. -And a bunch of nepenthes seeds (highland and lowland). Now, this maybe was unwise, but I found a seller in eBay who sold me 400 seeds for like 5 dollars, and I couldn't resist. I really don't worry about this ones, I've so many. Nonetheless, I want to give them the best possibly chances of growing. Please, pardon the long post, and any mistake in my english, I had the luck of studying english in London for about a month, but I don't think it was near enough.
  14. Hey all, Its been over 2 years since my last post and I thought I would ask you again for a little help and advice.. As an update to my original post http://www.cpukforum...wtopic=41961= ALL THE PLANTS ARE THRIVING LIKE MAD. So again i thank you all for your help in getting me up and running and into the CP world. There is one question i have about my current plants though..... The nepenthes have had seed/flower pods on now for nearly 9months... with no sign of opening or flowering or anything... How long do they usually take??? what can I do to either speed them up or call it a day? Basically before i chop them off i wanted to ask ; A) what are they? seeds or flowers B) is it detrimental to the plant that i leave them/cut them off? Here are some images to show what i mean. Yes this is indeed the same baby plant that was in my original post but all grown up :) Thanks again for any and all help. Karl
  15. As the title suggests where do you guys buy your nep seeds from, i'm looking for a place that sells fresh viable seeds to the UK for future purchases?
  16. Does anyone have Nepenthes Attenboroughii seeds, there is nothing online and i do not know where to find them. Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi :) I have tried searching for info on here that might help me out but to little avail. Perhaps if I have missed something glaringly obvious, somebody may point me in the direction of an existing thread that I can read though, but in the meantime, here goes! I got back into keeping carnivorous plants just over a year ago and now that I have the time and space to do a better job of it, it's gone a little way beyond a few plants kept on a windowsill. I have a cold frame greenhouse that I keep most of my plants in year round, with the exception of some of the more delicate ones I have obtained recently that I will treat accordingly when the time comes. Anyway, amongst those that I have out there are some yearling seedlings- both vft's and cobra lilies. They were out over winter and survived just fine but they are so very slow growing, I am wondering if they may do better if I were to bring them inside and put them under my T5 grow light? I just bought it for other plants but I would like to use it for my carnivores if it will be of benefit to them. I also have a bunch of sarras, some more Darlingtonia and a new lot of giant vft seeds that I sowed a little while back which are now beginning to show (well, not the vft's, it's a little soon for them yet I think). Would they be happier in more stable temperature/light conditions do you think? Everything else that has been kept outside in the little greenhouse is doing really well but I am still very new to growing from seed so if anyone has any advice regarding what I could do to give these seeds/seedlings a stronger start, that would be great :) For information's sake, the seedlings are all about 1.5cm across, the darlingtonia each have a bout 3-5 little tiny traps and the vft's a few more and the new lot of sarra/darlingtonia seeds that have germinated started showing maybe a week or two ago. They are all in appropriate carnivorous plant mix compost with no moss at this stage. Also, I have one small nepenthes hybrid (no idea what... it was a garden centre gift from someone) that was in the cold frame but I have since brought it inside after reading more about their care. It gets wonderfully warm and humid on sunny days but I fear it might get a bit too cold for it at night out there. I don't have many bright windowsills in my house that are not in direct sunlight. Where would you suggest I keep this plant that it may thrive? I have a modified shelf in the cold frame that blocks direct sunlight but is still bright but I just don't know if it's a good idea to put it back outside at the moment! Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  18. I just thought I'd post a pic of my latest seeds, which I bagged up last night, ready for cold stratification. I put the seeds into folded strips of damp paper towel, then sealed them up in ziploc bags. I've put the ziploc bags inside the original packets just so I know which one's which. They are, Drosera Rotundifolia, Dionaea Muscipula "Akai Ryu" and Pinguicula Grandiflora, thought I'd have a go at growing a Butterwort. Regards, Ian.
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