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  1. I would just like to give a shout out to Paul Young in Bristol. Gave me some fab Sarracenias from his really impressive collection. He spent a few hours with me giving me tips and chatting about CP in general, top bloke. I will be heading round there again to buy some fab plants! Cheers! Stellan.
  2. Was taken by surprise when I saw this sight in the greenhouse tonight... Seems the ants in my garden have gotten wise to a good source of free nectar, whilst playing with danger in the process!
  3. Hi all, Just adding some photos and updating everyone on how the displays doing, Pitchers have come up well, and most of the plants are now in full growth. However, I am having some issues with green fly on my Drosera and Dionaea. I'll hopefully get this sorted before September. I have also nearly completed my outdoor Carnivorous plant display (I know I'm spoilt) just need to finish getting materials then plants can start going in. Any comments are appreciated, but remember this display is still young and hopefully will continue to get better, any questions feel free to ask
  4. From the album: Guy

    Bought 22/04/Homebase Christchurch
  5. Recently I was asked a question about sarracenia location descriptions, so I thought others may find this map useful. I think it only contains locations for MK's plants but its a good start.
  6. Just split up a pot bound sarracenia into 12 different plants. The original label is "Sarracenia Excellens I.S.", does anyone know what the I.S. refers too? Thanks
  7. I am Growing sarracenia almost 7 years now without any serious problem but from Autom of 2016 a nightmare begins...Some of my sarracenia infected with botrytis(propably somehow from our vineyards ).Fist I let the pots almost dry and I increase the air movement after I was start to searching for a good chemical fungicide I begin with NEOTOPSIN 70 WG but very soon I saw some good results in infected plants but not in spores wich they can widely spread with the weaker movement of air.... so more plants infected! I made a research and I find that maybe trichoderma helps I made one app
  8. Did my seed sowing yesterday. Only 2 lots of sarracenia and darlingtonia each as have so little space. Anyone else done theirs yet?
  9. Username

    Do I trim?

    So I have two sarracenia that I'm keeping outside: S. Stevensii S. oreophila x purpurea I've grown them outside since I got them in May, and in October I removed their water trays for dormancy and otherwise left them there near a low wall. As I imagine most of you know, temperature-wise we've had a really mild winter. Aside from frost a couple of weeks ago I think, it's not dipped below 0. I went to check on my plants today, and while all the pitchers have actually begun to die back now there's still a lot of colour there from ones that haven't died fully back. Also, there are a l
  10. I have a sarra (specific type unknown, but not a purp judging by the tall straight pitchers) that I put on my windowsill some months ago. The ones in my greenhouse are all showing signs of entering dormancy, but this one is putting out quite a lot of new leaves. Do I leave it indoors for a while longer, or put it in the greenhouse, even though this means stunting all these new leaves?
  11. Hello, Couple of pictures from my recent trip to Croatan National Forest. :)
  12. Here's a very peculiar yet outstanding moorei that stuck out of the crowd for it's slight golden color, oddly shaped "back" (hence the unglamorous name) and leucophylla dominant phenotype. The parent plant was a vigorous S. flava var. rugelii Covington Co, AL (this was used as the pod parent) and the pollen donor was a wide, somewhat circular-mouthed, bright white S. leucophylla Covington Co, AL. Despite being man-made, this hybrid is still true to location. It was surprising that the leucophylla genes were so strong in this cross. Had I not divulged the details of the cross, one may
  13. Here are some pictures of my Greenhouse and some of its inhabitants after the only (almost) three sunny days of this summer... I hope you'll like it. :-) Dionaea muscipula 'Funnel Trap' / 'Trichterfalle' by Garnivore, sur Flickr Dionaea muscipula 'Funnel Trap' / 'Trichterfalle' by Garnivore, sur Flickr Dionaea muscipula 'Akaï Ryu' by Garnivore, sur Flickr Drosera adelae by Garnivore, sur Flickr Drosera adelae by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia x Moorei -- Pinkish top (H87 MK) by Garnivore, sur Flickr Sarracenia x Moorei -- Red high pitcher (SXM71 CA) by Garnivore,
  14. Hello When is the best time of the day to spray Sarracenia for thrips on sunny days when the maximum temperature is about 28°C and when there is a heavy dew? I am spraying Yates Success that is described at . It says "Do not spray when shade temperatures are near 28°C or higher" "Contains spinetoram, the latest generation insect control derived from beneficial soil bacteria. Spinetoram has translaminar movement, which means it moves into the leaf, making the solution re
  15. To Sarracenia growers across the pond, a taste of what they are missing. The local BACPS show and sale was on 6/4 and it was blast. Lots of great new people and of course - the plants. I documented what I could before I got swept up in idle chatter. The entrance to the BACPS event Metal art piece in the front of the Garden Center -- great lawn ornament A nice pond they had in the public gardens Some new friends Display plants Competition Plants
  16. It's been a while since I last posted here! The last couple of years has been very busy with university, fieldwork, and travelling around various parts of Europe, with much time spent away from home. While I found time to tend to and tidy the hardy plants in the greenhouse from time to time, as a result my indoor collection, which I was very proud of, has shrunk considerably due to neglect and pests. I am looking to build it up again to some extent, especially with Drosera and Utricularia (I can't believe I lost my prized flowering specimens of U. quelchii and praetermissa - there was some sor
  17. Dear all, I would like to share with you a pictorial of this ‘self-sufficient’ watering table I recently constructed. I was looking for a solution to avoid having to continuously water my (mainly) Sarraceniaceae collection and especially during holidays etc. I came up with a design for a setup which collects rainwater in a reservoir and automatically pumps it to the highest watering table above the reservoirs with a solar powered pump in a continuous cycle. This is the original design (sorry, this part is in Dutch): Because I grow my plants on the balcony (I live in
  18. Hi there, today I used the time and the gaps between the clouds to take some photos. Autumn's comming... That's all. Have fun, regards, Christian
  19. Hello, Amongst my extensive collection of CPs (ahem ), I have a Sarracenia Maroon (well, two actually, but this question is mainly about one of them)... I got this a while back from an online seller. It came bare rooted, and I potted it in a strange mixture. The lower half of the pot is Hant's COM1 mixture, and the upper half is live sphagnum moss... I'm not sure offhand why I did this, but there must have been a good reason for it! Anyway, it sits in a tray of about 1"-2" of rain water, along with some other CPs. I took it out of the tray and held it over a bowl for the pho
  20. Carnivorous plants in flower and how I keep them outdoors!
  21. Hi folks, Maybe this video will be of interest to those who are new to sarracenia. Thanks for watching.
  22. Hi everyone, It's about time (well, in a few months, in early spring) to repot my Sarracenia, and I'm wondering what is best to mix with peat: sand or perlite? Did anybody compare these 2? I'm particularly interested in long-term experience, as I don't want to repot too often. Thanks
  23. From the album: Sarracenia

    LE08 Sarracenia leucophylla, Dark red. YV LE06 2009, CK.
  24. From the album: Sarracenia

    LE08 Sarracenia leucophylla, Dark red. YV LE06 2009, CK.