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Found 18 results

  1. I need some help caring for my nepenthes ventrata, but before I start should probably tell you about the hell I’ve put it through.(my first plant bought at a festival) I’ve cut off yellowed leaves, given it fertilizer, and left it in direct sunlight longer than it needs. Pretty sure its a ventrata because any other nepenthes probably would have died by now. Its been a year now and i’ve gotten really into gardening and would like to start over(working on bromeliad,coleus,and lungwort). It has orchid bark and spagnum moss, gets well watered with distilled/collected rain water once a day. Also have been adjusting vines onto wire to give it more support. Just recently started keeping it outside because of the warmer weather hoping it would start to pitcher again. If anyone has any thoughts, recommendations, tips, or if anyone needs to tell me im doing something wrong please do im open to anything. pictures in link below http://sam001.zenfolio.com/
  2. Hi there! Recently purchased a Sarracenia and it's on a stand on my balcony in order to get maximum sun. Nevertheless, there's a rather pressing issue. I live in Guildford, our tap water is hard, and we're not predicted to get rain until Thursday night. The sarra will probably struggle to last that long, honestly. Have given some tap water in very minuscule doses in order to keep it moist but aware it's not advised. Was wondering whether taking a bottle down to the river Wey at St Catherine's Hill would be a good idea and getting some quick emergency water there to tide over the Sarra until the rain? Thankyou.
  3. Druncata

    IMG 2994

    From the album: Questions

  4. From the album: Carni Art

    A piece about 10 years old.
  5. From the album: Bogs 2015

    Purpureas tend to take over if they like the environment. So I've put them in their own pot. Looks a mess, but they'll soon repopulate it.
  6. From the album: Bogs 2015

    I'm not sure what that green shoot is, but I don't think it's carnivorous.
  7. From the album: Bogs 2015

    Why do the pitchers produce flowers first, then leaves?
  8. From the album: Bogs 2015

    At the end of each year (probably around October) I completely cut everything down to the bone, leaving just the roots.
  9. From the album: Bogs 2015

    After months of inactivity, my pitchers seem to have sprung up overnight.
  10. Hi, Does anyone know what this is on my pitcher plant? It shouldn't have anything to do with outdoors as i have only just planted outside as it had been inside my living room for a while. Notice the pitchers dying off at the top, my thought was that there was too much sun on it in the house (east window). It is now south facing outside but still gets plenty of sun. It is very tall pitcher and all my other plants are flourishing so does anyone know what this is? and what i could do about it? Many thanks Owen
  11. Hi, Does anyone know what these red dots/lines are on my pitcher plants below the rotting pitchers. It shouldn't relate to anything outdoors as i have only just planted outside as before it was on an east facing window (inside) hence the rotting traps which is down to too much sun??? But if you look closely you will see the red dots/rotting at the top of the pitcher plants what is it does anyone know? And anything i can do about it? Thanks

    Pitcher Plant

    From the album: My plants

    Just a pitcher plant im trying to grow

    © SamGreen (myself)

  13. TCurrell

    N. Miranda

    From the album: My Plants

    A size comparison for the pitchers on my N. Miranda I'm quite happy with it.
  14. Hi all So I am the owner of http://www.youtube.com/fnglazz I started the channel itself a few years ago, but a couple of years ago, I started uploading carnivorous plant videos that I have filmed. The idea was to share with the world why exactly I find these plants so damn cool. It has grown and grown and now has over 230 subscribers and over a million lifetime views. The reason why I am posting this here though is because I am hoping that any of you who have carnivorous plant videos will share them so I can put them on my channel. In return, you will obviously get credit and a link in the description of your choosing as a way to increase traffic to which ever site you choose. So if any of you have videos you would like to share, please do. Only two conditions: 1. The video is of reasonable quality 2. Either mute or no background music (normal background sound is fine though) I started my fascination with these plants when I was about 8 years old. Now I want to show the world why we CP enthusiasts find these plants to be so damned cool. I hope I can have your help in doing so.
  15. Hi all, Just a quick question regarding a couple of my Sarracenia pitchers. I have noticed a kind of deformity on the lip of some pitchers where it seems it hasn't opened out/rolled over properly when growing. The photo below shows an example on an S. × moorei. It has also happened a lot on my couple of S. oreophila clones. My question is what is/has caused this? Is it stress due to division at the start of this year and will recover next year or is it something else, such as pest damage? Thanks in advance.
  16. From the album: Stu plant's

    Lip deformity on Sarracenia × moorei

    © Stuart Keeler

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