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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I have been growing two pots of mature sized cobra lilies since March in London and they have been thriving both on my balcony or windowsill, produced half sized mature stolons. But ever since around July the new leafs on the smaller one begin to blacken, then the entire plant begin to soften and collapse. I would have thought that survived the heat wave. Now there is no sign of growing and i can't seem to find pest, which I was thinking it could be spider mites. (above)this is before they started collapsing and dying: new leaves are tall and healthy. I was quite amazed by how fast they grow. (above) this is few days after. I have very occasionally put ice in the water tray, and tried to top it with cool water. I thought I could have shocked the entire plants. (above)These two are the mother plants now, which both have stopped growing too. There was at least two stolons on each plants and they have died too... see picture below which was taken a month ago.
  2. Hi All, I have been having issues with pests in my terrarium. I thought I had it finally under control when I noticed leaves on certain plants develop brown spots and edges wilting. I have been treating with Provado again since I noticed. Oddly, only certain plants are affected. Can anyone shed some light on what this is, and possibly how to sort it out? Thanks!!
  3. Druncata

    IMG 3030

    From the album: Questions

  4. Druncata

    IMG 3029

    From the album: Questions

  5. Druncata

    IMG 3028

    From the album: Questions

  6. Hello everyone! I am new to the forum, so let me introduce myself first! My name is Vaneni, I am from Armenia (a country where even the botanical garden does not have any CP!!!!). If i do ask too many question or talk too much, do forgive me. I am a beginner, i love my plants and i am in panick! I have three plants, dionaea, drosera? and sarracenia?. so i bought my plants in Moscow, from a hypermarket Auchan (those with French connections will know it) mid October. Even though I traveled with them in my hand baggage, they did suffer some physical damage upon arrival. Brown leaves, cuts. I guess the plants were in a lot of stress. A few days after i was home i noticed a teeny tiny white bug in the soil. it disappeared so quickly made me doubt i saw it in the first place. so i forgot all about it. My plants quickly recovered from the travel stress. drosera produces lots of dew, sarracenia has grown new leaves up to 10 cm long (within two month!!). 2 weeks ago i noticed that there are after all tiny white bugs in my plants. all three of them. there is no damage to the plants (i dont see any with naked eye), i see bugs mostly in the soil. they rarely come out. i found one dead inside sarracenia. they are very small, probably 1 mm or less. i saw an even smaller black one once (maybe a baby one??!!). i am pretty sure i bought them already infected. they were too close to other ordinary flowers in the shop and i suspect the bugs are probably smth popular among all the plants and not just CPs. now to the questions, hope you guys can help me figure out what to do! - Could you please confirm i got the plant names correct. (pictures will follow soon) there was no labeling on the plants, just says CP mix. - Should i repot them ASAP?? this is quite tricky as i read i should use peat moss and perlit mix. I got the perlit but there is no way i can find peat moss or anything similar here in Armenia. can i repot them a month later? (i can order peat moss online, it will take a month to arrive) or is there smth else i can use instead of peat moss. they sell an orchid mix here, can i use it?? - How else can i get rid of the bugs? Are they dangerous? i had a sneak peak at one of the roots and it looked healthy to me. but i should mention i do not have any experience in root health. Should i use chemicals? or will repotting help alone? also i read somewhere i can place the plant in the water for two days and all the bugs will die out. Is this true?? Should i try it? - Is it ok to leave the plants like that, since it looks like they are happyly thriving? I should probably say if i did not see the bugs, i would never suspect anything was wrong with the plants. looking forward to talk to you all and to hear all the great advices!!! thx!!
  7. Well it has been fun getting my little Drosera capensis from seed to flower. Planted first set of successful seeds on 2nd October 2013. Germinated on 25th October 2013. First true leaves 5th November 2013. First flower spike seen 28th June 2014. Now between the sowing of the seeds and the flower I had fungal problems, mishap with environmental change and fungus gnats but I have now some very healthy and strong plants. Now thanks to a kind member on the site I have more than enough seeds to fill my house a hundred times over with Drosera. Things I will be trying in the coming months and in the new growing season: Leaf Cuttings. Different types of growing media. A large scale Drosera setup. Wild moss types as surface cover. All in good time but hope to have some on the go very soon.
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