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Found 142 results

  1. Hey guys, I received this CP, and it's my first Nepenthes, I'd like a little help about the lightning and the health of my new plant ok? Thanks in advance!!!! and hear it is:
  2. Hi, I ordered some Nepenthes from Exotica Plants in Australia through a large order and then it was shipped to me by that person. And unfortunately it did not arrive while I was home, but a day after I left for vacation. And my sister was home along with my mother and so I told them to plant them in sphagnum moss and to water regularly which they did. Knowing them, they complained about having to do my plating for them, so I didn't want to make a hassle further by asking them to mix in perlite with the moss. And roughly 8 days on, the N. (Spathulata x Aristo) x Lowii leaves are looking very dry but my sister informed me the moss is moist. I only have these photos she sent me and I'm trying to see if she can send me more clear shots and the correct angles to see for new growth. Is this a result of humidity drop, shipping, or something else?
  3. Hi everybody In the last week I had taken some pictures from my collection. At first a few pygmydrosera. Drosera gibsonii Drosera stelliflora Drosera scorpioiedes 'pink' Drosera pycnoblasta My darlings from south america Drosera latifolia x schwackei Drosera latifolia {Banderia Peak} Drosera graomogolensis x tomentosa var. tomentosa Young Drosera graomogolensis {Itacambria, Brazil} ;) Drosera tomentosa var.glabrata {Serra do Caraca, MG, Brazil} Drosera capillaris And two from south africa. :) Drosera esterhuysenia x slackii Drosera aliciae {Tradouw Pass} Please wait... ;)
  4. My N. Muluensis from AW looklike its not going to pull through, all the plants i ordered from wistuba are doing great except this one. It was quite a bit smaller thean the others i recieved though. Its odd as i expected the N Rajah an N. Lowii i got in the same order to give me problems but they are doing great. Does anyone grow N. Muluensis and would be willing to share their conditions so i know for next time if i have done anything wrong? I'll add a photo maybe later but i warn you its not pretty.
  5. Hi, I recently bought a Nepenthes and a Heliamphora for the first time and think something may be up with them so any help or opinion would be awesome! Both plants were damaged from the postal service so have got some damage from that. Cheers! Sorry for it being the wrong way round!) In this picture you can see that theres two brown dots on one of the main trumpet, anyone know why this is? Also the spoons don't seem to have any nectar in them?,KPjWlcT,jEDphBs#2 The Nepenthes has developed a pinky colour on its leaves since I received it they have definitely developed, and have become more visible over time. I know the traps are a mess but most of them were squashed when delivered to me. Thanks for any help!
  6. Hi, I'm not sure, but I think I still have problems with hybrids... If you can help me I will be grateful. I obtained a Nepenthes sumatrana from Wistuba there are maybe three or four months. However on Facebook somebody tells me (again) it can be a hybrid because the peristome is not as striped as expected. What do you think ? Please tell me it's not a hybrid or I... Drown myself in a pitcher.
  7. Hello, Some pictures of this month. Népenthes hamata Népenthes talangensis x glandulifera Népenthes jamban Népenthes inermis Népenthes glabrata Népenthes veitchii x (lowii x spectabilis) Népenthes robcantleyi Népenthes villosa Népenthes merrilliana x x trusmadiensis Népenthes burbidgaea x eswardsiana Népenthes flava x sibuyanensis Népenthes dubia Népenthes lowii x ventricosa
  8. Hey guys, my name is Orlin :) I am an avid carnivorous plants grower and I am honoured to be a member on this forum :) I like to make videos about my Carnivorous Plants quite often :) Here is a link to my latest video so that you guys can see my beautiful Nepenthes Robcantleyi :) Thank you and have a lovely day. Orlin
  9. Orlin

    Nepenthes Miranda

    From the album: Carnivorous Beauties

    They are getting big :)

    © OmaDesalasOrlin

  10. Just sharing my love for this species. Anyone else keeping this plant ? Please share your photos, I'd love to see the variations.
  11. Hi guys, I just placed an order for 2 N. Rajah, an N. Lowii and an N. Inermis. Does anyone else grow these from wistuba that could show some pics of what to expect from them. when they arrive i'll be sure to post piccies!
  12. Hi everyone, I am desperately looking for N. ampullaria "black magic" (see picture I got on internet). Does anyone know where I could find that plant or a similar one?
  13. Hi guys, I have a question for other terrarium keepers. First allow me to describe the situation: I have a highland terrarium which has an aquarium cooling unit to cool the inside temperature at night. The terrarium has a water basin at the bottom, which has a pump that channels the water through the cooling unit. After the water is cooled by the unit, it goes on through a tube and flows out at the top of a cork wall inside the terrarium. A fan blows air over this flowing water to cool the air inside the terrarium. The cooling unit and pump are on during the night (obviously) so the wall dries completely during the day. Now I've noticed that there is algae growth developing on this wall. So I was wondering how I could deal with these without harming the plants inside. Secondly I was wondering if there are any nice plants (both carnivorous and noncarnivorous) that could grow on this wall. These plants would have to be able to withstand a dry period during the day followed by flooding with cold flowing water (9°C/48°F) during the night. Any ideas? Cheers, Johan
  14. Hopefully if you click on this link my Nepenthes terrarium will appear. If not my apologies as I'm trying to fathom it out still :)
  15. Hi everyone, I start to be quite happy about the highland terrarium I've built. The terrarium itself is 1.5m large, 60cm deep and 1m high. I have put it on an old metal "skeleton" of a table, with boards fixed all around. I have installed weels, in order to be able to move it easily, and "feets" in order to ensure stability and also to release pressure on weels. I won't detail the LEDs set-up. If you want more information, just go here: It stays in the sleeping room in winter (we sleep with the window open allowing a nice temperature drop) and will go on the balcony during the hotter seasons. I am currently installing a cooling pad (Celdek). I will provide more information about this later on. General view: Heliamphoras' side: Nepenthes central part: Orchids (mainly miniature ones) on the shelf that I have glued on the side. Nepenthes seedlings in the boxes to maintain high humidity. I removed the covers of the boxes since not 100% transparent and put some plastic wrap, that let the light pass completely. I have also built a "Nepenthes germination place". It is next to a west-oriented window, shaded to avoid direct sun, with a 10W red-blue LED spotlight (turned on the whole morning). Temperatures: intermediates, between 22 and 27.
  16. Hello hello hello, I've obtained there is several months a young pretended Nepenthes truncata which is just starting to grow after its acclimatization. However a grower thinks it's possible that it's not... So I want to be sure and I ask you : what do you think ?
  17. Hi fellas & fella-esses, For some time now I've been squirreling bits of money away to save up for one of the more flamboyant species of nepenthes and though now I've accumulated enough I'm torn between the two most obvious contenders, In the red corner, I have N. Robcantleyi, a sometimes controversial but thoroughly beautiful species, and in the blue corner I have N. Hamata, of course know for it's fierce looking toothed peristome. Now, my question is, How tough are these to grow outside a terrarium or greenhouse setting? I have heard reports of both being grown in average room conditions but will they survive and pitcher that way, and which would you recommend personally? EDIT: btw, room conditions for me = 18-27C and humidity between 40-55%
  18. Paul Schoeneberg


    From the album: nepenthes seedlings

  19. Paul Schoeneberg


    From the album: nepenthes seedlings