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Found 144 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am Griff! I'm new to growing Carnivorous Plants, and I am interested in growing Nepenthes. I just got my first CP on Wednesday, a Nepenthes x. 'Ventrata', at my local greenhouse. Can't wait to learn more about growing this wonderful plant. Can't wait to hear from you guys.
  2. So my Alata nepenthes has been working on some seeds for a while now and I was thinking I might eventually take some seeds for my own and grow some more to carry on the generation. How would I go about “harvesting/collecting” the seeds and when? (Pic attached for reference)
  3. Well, this is going to be my greenhouse (or more specifically, Nephouse) build thread. Starting from the very beginning When Ian Salter got me into Carnivorous plants 12 months ago, i was living in a first floor flat with no access to a garden, only my windowsills. A few weeks ago, i officially moved from South Wales to Wigan to be with my partner of 3 years full time. Roughly 20 years ago, she had a 24 foot x 10 foot static caravan installed in the garden to live in while the house was being demolished and rebuilt. This caravan was never removed after the house was finished, and remained a large dumping ground for general tat and rubbish. The garden had also got very overgrown from years of neglect. This is the scene soon after i started work. The caravan was mostly obscured by brambles, so clearing and laying old carpet as a weed suppressant was the first job in order to easily gain access all around the caravan. Still quite a bit to do, as the capacitor on our garden shredder burnt out and i'm currently waiting on delivery of a new one. Many trips to the local recycling centre have already been made with loads of rubbish and junk from inside the caravan, and what little remains to be cleared is piled outside. The four trees to the left of the picture are apple and pear trees, which are in need of some serious pruning and tidying up. But we've successfully made some rather good cider with them during my visits up to Wigan over the past few years. (hic! ) Originally, the plan was to convert this huge 24x10 into a greenhouse by removing the upper half of the side cladding all round and replacing with twinwall polycarbonate. The same was going to be done to the flat felted roof, but with a slight apex conversion for water collection via added guttering. However, after removing all interior walls, insulation, and room partitions, it was discovered that the caravan was rotten in places. (Note the dismantled garden shredder awaiting the delivery of new capacitor !) So far we've got 15 large rubble sacks full of good timber for our woodburning stove from the interior and i estimate at least another 15 sacks to come. The aluminium cladding once removed, will be re-used to clad our old 12x8 garden shed, which will hopefully cure all the leaks between the parting dried out shiplap so we get a few more years use out of it. The polystyrene insulation boards from the static caravan will also be used to insulate the inside of the garden shed. All the good 4x2 beams from under the floorboards will be re-used to build benches/staging in the new greenhouse. I've also reclaimed metres upon metres of flat twin and earth cable which is in perfect condition considering it's age, and this will come for all the heating/cooling/lighting/pumping/watering wiring systems. We aim to recycle as much as possible from the caravan dismantling. The caravan already has connected water and electricity supplies, which will save a lot of work and they'll only require extending into the new greenhouse position. Even though we intend using rainwater from butts for the plant watering, fresh water for general washing and cleaning of equipment will be an added bonus (we'll be re-using the original sink/drainer top from the caravan). So that's the state of play so far. Still loads to do before the caravan is totally removed, including cutting up of the steel chassis, and then ground clearing and levelling so i can then get the greenhouse ordered. We've decided upon a Rion 12x8 Hobby. I'm very excited about this project and can't wait to see things taking shape over the coming months. Stay tuned !
  4. Hello everyone! Could you please help me? I am a bit worried, this is what I found recently next to my baby pitcher plant: It is a very weird looking stuff... is it mold? Has anyone ever had this kind before? It has just appeared now, before I had no problems with the little ones. Thank you in advance for your advice!
  5. So, I bought a Nepenthes x ventrata recently, and I have some questions about nepenthes vining. So, my questions are, if when my Nepenthes starts a vine I bury the vine in another pot with a growth point just below the surface, will it form a seperate connected rosette, will the vine stop or continue growing, and will the two rosettes be able to share minerals, water and such over the vine connecting them? Or will they just separate eventually?
  6. Hi everyone, I'll have to make some cuttings of some of my Neps soon, and I was wondering what is the best "rooting medium" for the cuttings you've succesfully used so far. I've read about sphagnum moss (dead), living sphagnum, pure perlite... What is the best, from your own direct experience? And by curiosity, how did it take from the day of the cutting to the first root appearance? Cheers Vincent
  7. Two weeks ago the leaves of my N. spectabilis started to look a bit different from my other Nepenthes'. I haven't seen this before and the old leaves are still green and smooth. Does anyone know why the leaves suddenly have this white layer and what it is? See photos below.
  8. Hi I took some photos of my Nepenthes...hope you will enjoy it: N. copelandii - upper pitchers and behind lower pitcher N. truncata N. maxima (a got it like N. eymae) N. rajah N. burbidgeae - 2 different plants, upper pitcher ist just forming in behind Andrej
  9. Hi Folks, Here's a pic of my latest creation... I had languishing Nepenthes 'Bloody Mary', which was dark green, and growing, but small and not producing pitchers. And I spotted a nice little N. x hookeriana at a local garden centre for £7. I also had a 6-inch section of tree fern hanging around. So I snapped up the x hookeriana, and hatched a plan. I split the tree fern section in 2 with an axe, and manipulated the top edge of one piece to plant both these Nepentheses on it with some live sphagnum. I then sat it on top of the other piece, and sat the whole creation on top of a bed of charcoal with a bit of sphagnum in between, in a nice glazed saucer (~8 It gets late morning to midday sun. We shall see what happens..... (The stacks of side-mounted weird-looking leaves are Platycerium bifurcatum. The trailing plant at top-right is Ceropegia sandersonii. The shooting plant at the bottom is a crazy cultivar of Euphorbia pulcherrima with gold-flecked red bracts - I will not be able to make it flower again!)
  10. Hi Folks, I'm getting a bit desperate! A while ago I acquired this fully glazed fridge with one side smashed. I thought, "Hey, ultra highland Nepenthes!!!" so with great enthusiasm I embarked on a mission to fix it and sell it with a reasonable profit. So many weeks later, after discovering that to have a new double glazed unit fitted would cost £200, I opted for the basic repair, single glazed, toughened glass, £75. So it is sitting in my small flat, and I keep tripping over it. If I had the time and space I would probably use it to grow Nepenthes villosa or some such other exotic from seed. It's got LED lighting already quite profusely inside it. I've had the top off it, and it would be possible to rig up the lights and refrigeration independently to timers, and I'm sure you could also add lights if necessary. It is really well built, being made for pub use. It has a low energy usage, being marketed as an "eco-cooler". It's got 3 removable shelves. When the refrigeration is on the 2 fans make a bit of a whooshing noise so you may have to be cautious about having it in a sleeping area. I've posted it up here a couple of times, and I've got it on eBay. But nobody wants it! Seriously folks, can none of you make use of this at all??? Bewildered Karsty.
  11. Hello everyone...I,m new on here and everyone seems very particular Tom, who actuall was kind enough to donate some plants, and lives near me..very generous person. I,m still on the lookout for more plants, cuttings or seeds..I,m not a collector where I have to have the rarest ones, just have a soft spot for Nepenthes and wanting to enlarge my collection. If anyone has anything moderately priced please let me know? Thanks for your time cheers Steve
  12. So, I bought a Nepenthes x ventrata recently, and I have some questions about nepenthes vining. So, my questions are, if when my Nepenthes starts a vine I bury the vine in another pot with a growth point just below the surface, will it form a seperate connected rosette, will the vine stop or continue growing, and will the two rosettes be able to share minerals, water and such over the vine connecting them? Or will they just separate eventually?
  13. I am growing a variety of Nepenthes and a few orchids and I am looking to trying to grow some Nepenthes from seed.
  14. Anyone know what this could be?
  15. Hi guys,sadly due to pressure of work commitments, I will NOT be hosting an open day this year but hopefully we will be back again next year,all the best,paul.
  16. I was having a look on here and could not see any posts specifically going through the steps of germinating Nepenthes Edwardsiana (or even nepenthes in general doing a search for "Germinating Nepenthes") Feel free to link a post if there is one. I bought some seeds online and yes they maybe fake or not, they came from Sri Lanka, Sencirareseeds. Are they well known? Currently I have some in an incubator at 28 C and another batch on the window sill at cooler temperatures. 21 C in the day down to 15 C in the night. Any tips would be great!
  17. I got this plant labeled as Nepenthes distillatoria but I'm pretty sure it is not. Anyone know what it is? The first two pictures are from when I just got the plant about a year ago, and the second is a recent basal that pitchered. Could it be Nepenthes danseri? There are some pictures of the plant at the end of this thread as well.
  18. Hi there, in the last weeks I took some fotos from my terrarium-plants and like to show them to you. Some of the terras are very crowded, due to the fact, that the plants do grow and grow and... (Who'd have thunk? ). I'm not quite sure, how to get the plants out there some day... It's a mix of younger and older Nepenthes and Heliamphora. So, here are the pics, hope you enjoy them. Best regards, Christian ... to be continued
  19. Hey guys, Just need some advice on the temperatures for N. Eymae, I'm currently in process of ex vitro for my Nepenthes Eymae, it's still a pretty small TC plant. Anyone had any success growing it under lowland conditions? I can provide for both conditions with my terrarium, but of course, would love to do it on my NE facing windowsill with temps of 26 - 30C day and 24 - 26C Nights. Humidity levels lowest would be around 69% and night humidity levels of around 85 - 90% Thanks!
  20. Hi all, I picked up a nepenthes plant at a local garden centre today and I just wanted some advice on caring for it, the media it was in was bone dry and I've included pictures to show what the pictures and leaves look like. I just want to make sure I'm doing the right things to get the plant happy and healthy! Thank you in advance for any advice!
  21. Sup. Been quite some time since I've been active on here..anyway I'm back and I'm going to show you my plants... --here's my n.veitchii x burbidgeae who's recovered very well from its disaster... --here's my n.ventricosa x talangensis of which has grow a lot since... -with multiple basals... -....and flower stalk --here's a completely new plant,n.maxima x burbidgeae of which I love... --again here another new plant,n.singalana x burkei --and finally here's my n.ventrata ----------------- Here are some of my favorite pitchers so far... -n.ventricosa x talangensis -n.maxima x burbidgeae -n.singalana x burkei So that's it in the near future I hope to be getting a 6x8 greenhouse with shelving,plants and maybe even a hydrofogger... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I've had a Nepenthes for ages now bought as N.Alata but I see such variation when I see images of others sold as the same and images of Ventrata looking extremely similar to mine too... Heres some pics of mine, what do people think it is? True Alata or hybrid?...
  23. E35


    Hi Everyone, A friend of mine told me to just sign up in this international cp forum. I would like to get Nepenthes, but I wonder if this is possible with the outside temperatures at the moment, can anybody help me? I am searching for: -N. villosa, N. hamata, N. aristolochioides, N. ephippiata and N. lowii I do have some experience with pitcher plants though a friend of mine is kind of a pro with it ;) With kind regards E.
  24. I know the question I am going to ask probably has been asked over and over. I took my intermediate nepthenes out of its terrarium and put it on my south facing window seal. The question I have is do you think it will be okay there? the temp is between 90-95 and humidity is at 20-25% and at night temp is 70 and humidity it 69%. I plan on buying a humidifier and putting it around it if I need too and I also mist it in the morning and night. The nepenthes is a Brunei red X (spectabilis 'giant X ventricosa) and I am also thinking of putting my n. alata there too. I know it might be one of thoses deals try it and see, but what are your thoughts.
  25. Hi everyone, I'll try to pollinate my N. campanulata soon, but I have a technical question to improve the success rate. Do you stop watering the flowers in order to avoid washing off the pollen? Thanks for the advices.