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Found 1 result

  1. Hello I am wondering what is the best and easiest way to grow Nepenthes cuttings in water and I am also trying to find a post I once saw on a forum about rooting Nepenthes cuttings in water where Polystyrene was also used to help prop them up. Have you seen it or do you know where it is? I think the only practical way to grow them in water would be to have a lot of them in the one tray of water and have the cuttings fairly close together with perhaps an inch between them. Do you think this would be all right? I just hope it will not spread disease between them. The tray could contain about 50 cuttings. I had them in separate containers before but it is more time consuming to maintain the water levels. I did read that the water needed to be changed often but this is not practical and I cannot see why it would be necessary so long as algae is prevented. I did have that problem. However, this time I will try to stop light getting in which the Polystyrene should do. Also, I wonder if it would matter if the base of the cutting rests on the bottom of the container or if it would be better suspended above it? Regards Richard.
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