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  1. Dunno if anyone has tried this before, but I recently started growing my young H. pulchella like an epiphyte on the side of another pot. Since then, it has responded with better coloration as its now closer to the light and has started putting out more mature pitchers. The pot is hung into a basket which is lined with live Sphagnum moss which is thriving. Therefore I'm hoping that it will provide enough room for the roots of the pulchella to keep on growing. Anyway, here are a few photographs:
  2. Hi, I recently bought a Nepenthes and a Heliamphora for the first time and think something may be up with them so any help or opinion would be awesome! Both plants were damaged from the postal service so have got some damage from that. Cheers! Sorry for it being the wrong way round!) In this picture you can see that theres two brown dots on one of the main trumpet, anyone know why this is? Also the spoons don't seem to have any nectar in them?,KPjWlcT,jEDphBs#2 The Nepenthes has developed a pinky colour on its leaves since I received it they have definitely developed, and have become more visible over time. I know the traps are a mess but most of them were squashed when delivered to me. Thanks for any help!
  3. Hello, Some pictures of this month. Népenthes hamata Népenthes talangensis x glandulifera Népenthes jamban Népenthes inermis Népenthes glabrata Népenthes veitchii x (lowii x spectabilis) Népenthes robcantleyi Népenthes villosa Népenthes merrilliana x x trusmadiensis Népenthes burbidgaea x eswardsiana Népenthes flava x sibuyanensis Népenthes dubia Népenthes lowii x ventricosa
  4. Hi everyone, Just to share a few pics I like. Heliamphora exappendiculata Araopan Tepui Heliamphora pulchella Churi Tepui Heliamphora neblinae Heliamphora folliculata Murosipan Tepui
  5. Hi everyone, I start to be quite happy about the highland terrarium I've built. The terrarium itself is 1.5m large, 60cm deep and 1m high. I have put it on an old metal "skeleton" of a table, with boards fixed all around. I have installed weels, in order to be able to move it easily, and "feets" in order to ensure stability and also to release pressure on weels. I won't detail the LEDs set-up. If you want more information, just go here: It stays in the sleeping room in winter (we sleep with the window open allowing a nice temperature drop) and will go on the balcony during the hotter seasons. I am currently installing a cooling pad (Celdek). I will provide more information about this later on. General view: Heliamphoras' side: Nepenthes central part: Orchids (mainly miniature ones) on the shelf that I have glued on the side. Nepenthes seedlings in the boxes to maintain high humidity. I removed the covers of the boxes since not 100% transparent and put some plastic wrap, that let the light pass completely. I have also built a "Nepenthes germination place". It is next to a west-oriented window, shaded to avoid direct sun, with a 10W red-blue LED spotlight (turned on the whole morning). Temperatures: intermediates, between 22 and 27.
  6. lorisarvendu

    Heliamphora 4

    From the album: Bogs and Outside July 2014

    That thing on a stalk. Is it a flower?
  7. lorisarvendu

    Heliamphora 3

    From the album: Bogs and Outside July 2014

    Seems to be doing ok. It's bigger than it was when I got it at any rate.
  8. lorisarvendu

    Heliamphora 2

    From the album: Bogs and Outside July 2014

    It's on a south-facing window-sill with a tray that I keep topped up, and I've given it one spray of fertilizer so far.
  9. lorisarvendu

    Heliamphora 1

    From the album: Bogs and Outside July 2014

    Saw this in the garden centre about 2 months ago for £20. Couldn't resist, even though I know how hard they are to keep.
  10. Hello, Some pictures of my collection. N. maxima 'weavy leaf' N. maxima 'weavy leaf' N. robcantleyi N. spathulata x spectabilis N. x tiveyii N. chaniana x veitchii N. ventricosa x truncata N. dubia N. jamban N. dubia N. aristolochioides x ventricosa N. villosa N. burbidgeae X edwardsiana N. Spectabilis x mira N. flava x sibuyanensis N. flava x sibuyanensis N. inermis N. inermis N. (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x carunculata robusta N. tentaculata N. tentaculata N. maxima 'weavy leaf'
  11. H. minor var. pilosa question.... Mine is still very small, recovery has been a long road back. I now have several mature pitchers about an inch and half tall. Color and shape are good, but none are showing any hirsute tendencies yet.... starting to worry. I know in the official description it mentions the hair is only found on the upper 2/3rd of the pitcher (iirc, I would need to verify that statement so don't quote me) So wondering if the lack of hair at this early stage is normal or if I do have an issue with my plant or my conditions. Would like hear from those that have experience with this species. thanks in advance Av
  12. It's that time of year again so I put a few plants in the village show. It was a good result with a 1st for my Heliamphora heteradoxa x minor in the Pot Plant Foliage class, Highly Commended for my Huernia Zebrina (from GardenofEden on CPUK last December) in the Cacti & Succulent class, 1st for my marrow and 3rd for a cucumber. Here are some pictures, sorry about the quality of some, I couldn't hold the camera still 1st prize Heliamphora heteradoxa x minor Highly Commended Huernia zebrina 1st prize marrow ...just for scale. thank you for looking.
  13. Hi all, Some pictures of my collection... H.néblinae H.heterodoxa, grand sabana H.nutans H.nutans x ionasii H x tequila N.ovata N.spectabilis N.nigra N.jamban N.sibuyanensis N.x ventricosa 'créme' N.maxima, lake poso N platychila N truncata x sibuyanensis N.lowii x campanulata N x tiveyi N.robcantleyi N.truncata N.ovata N.villosa N.flava x sibuyanensis N.rebecca soper N.truncata x ephippiata
  14. Irmgard and I are happy to report, that the upload of excerpts from our movie (and DVD) "On CP-Tour with Stewart McPherson" (2010) is now completed on YouTube. Our new edited play list (Link below, then click on "On CP-Tour ...") makes it possible to enjoy Stew's amazing Tepui-adventures complete and according to the original film (67 minutes). It provides all Heliamphora species which have been described until 2010, thrilling helicopter flights over unique landscapes and much more. Take the time to experience some really exciting adventures in an amazing and unique ambiance.