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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Folks, I finally found the web page from experienced growers stating that VFTs can easily take -7°C, and for brief periods -12°C, although freezing drying winds necessitate protection. I have recently tried growing VFTs outside in the UK as I just stated in another post, and brought 6 different clones through unscathed (just north of London). All I did was place an open transparent cylinder of glass or plastic over the plants to protect from winds. In my limited experience they don't like blustery conditions at any time of year. I guess it keeps setting the traps off and they lose their energy. It wasn't a particularly cold winter, but they did experience frost. They all came through unscathed. I'll work my way around to post some pics. I just want to state here also that there was a healthy colony growing for many years in the New Forest in the UK, until it was recently apparently removed for not being native. I never saw them, but it was well known in an esoteric kind of way amongst CP growers, and I know the location. One of these days I will check it out just in case any are still there. Does anyone have any frost-experiences with VFTs to share? Is anyone prepared to experiment? Hi to Tropicat who said she would experiment (~8 Check out this web page: https://www.growcarnivorousplants.com/Articles.asp?ID=257 Karsty.
  2. TCurrell

    Hardy aroids

    Hi guys, i enjoy aroids and was wondering which species are hardy enough to grow in a typical uk garden. Can they only be kept in pots or are there any that can be left alone all year? I especially like Arisaema's i have a dracunculus vulgaris doing great on my windowsill but as soon as it flowers it will be going straight outside! Anyway im a bit of a newbie with aroids so any info would be great :)
  3. From the album: forum-pictures

    Picture used in forums thread: http://www.cpukforum...topic=48687&hl=
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