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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, has anyone of you guys ever ordered from this website I see it's located in the US, so I was wondering whether it's be a deal buying something from them or a risk of receiving half-dead stuff. Thanks!
  2. Its Autumn in New Zealand and my Pygmy Drosera are starting to produce gemmae
  3. Hi, This is my first post here so I hope that I am doing everything right. I've been growing a few of the common species of Pygmy sundews for about a year and a half. I first tried leaving them outdoors year round last year only to have a super harsh winter for this area and lost most of them. I bought a bunch more in spring. After they started producing gemmae I harvested and planted them and brought everything inside under a 600w grow light. All the gemmae sprouted and did awesome, and the adults seem to be thriving too. (I meant to build a greenhouse but didn't finish before the rainy season and now it's serving as a temporary pen for a domesticated wild pig that I'm trying to catch.) So since they did so well I kind of went nuts and bought as many gemmae as I could get my hands on. Unfortunately I've run out of room under my grow light and have to think of putting things back outside. I looked at the weather report and it looks like there will be no more freezes, this was an especially mild winter. The highs are in the 60's and the lows are in the 40s. Do you think it's safe to put my adults, unsprouted gemmae, and/or baby plants outside in these conditions? It's very humid here and the summer rarely gets above 80 so pygmies do quite well. But most places I've read say to keep gemmae warm so I'm not sure if sudden dips into the 40's would be too stressful. I'm sure it gets cold in my shed since it's not insulated and it's full of holes but my nepenthes have been thriving in there. Anyway thanks for the help and sorry if this post is long and rambly. I have a tendency to do that :-p
  4. Hi all, I would like to share my personal victory with Drosera rechingeri. I bought the gemmae from Mr. Lowrie two years ago and I started grow about 20 young plants. Here is a picture 3 months old plant After 2 years I grow last 2 plants . But here is my VICTORY - I will harvest 2 gemmae Enjoy it !
  5. Hi all, I bought some P. Grandiflora gemmae about 2 months ago and most of them have taken root. This is the first time I've grown any butterworts and I'm a bit concerned about what I should do with them now, as they have started growing at this time of year and the weather is getting colder. At the moment I've got them on a windowsill, but if I put them outside while they are this small would they hibernate or just die, as I understand they usually form a hibernacula at this time of year, so would it be better to just over winter them indoors this year? Here's a pic, Any advice from the butterwort community would be appreciated. Regards, Ian.