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Found 2 results

  1. Well I thought my little seedlings may have been done for as I spotted fungus gnat larva in the moss... I have been removing them by hand with a pin (a losing battle) then to my joy the air cavalry came to my rescue in the shape of predatory mites clinging to the belly of an adult gnat. Now have seen them in the moss so just hope are making a meal of the larva.
  2. I should have known if my plants were catching fungus gnats then there was a chance that the larvae could be in the sphagnum moss they are growing in. Sure enough they are I removed two with a pin but where there are two there are twenty. The two I removed I fed to the plants... oddly enough on contact with the dew they writhed and knotted themselves in the same way a hag fish does. I'm guessing this is to try and remove the mucus from their skin. Within seconds they have elongated to full length and gone rigid, it is hard to tell if they are dead or simply in paralysis by the mucus. I will test this at some point at greater magnification. At the moment I can only hope they are happy to eat the dead moss and not the roots of my plants...
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