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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I've bought a new Cephalotus Follicularis at the beginning of the month. It came planted on sphagnum moss. I've let them set on 1cm of water because the pot is very little and the sphagnum moss retains a lot of water. Since then, all its new pitchers have been getting yellow and fading away I thought it was normal but it's starting to run out of new pitchers. From what I've looked for it could be a Sudden Death Syndrome, but I'm not sure. I've stop keeping them sitting on water all the time I water them between 3 days or in hotter days I water then once per day. I've been thinking about changing the sphagnum moss for peat and perlite instead and some sand at the bottom as advised many times by other owners of Cephs. What do you guys think? I'm a beginner with Cephs so I must be doing a lot of stuff wrongly, even though I read a lot before getting them. It's still hard. I'll put some pictures of them as when I bought them and how They're now. First 3 are from around October 6th and 14th and last 3 Are from today October 23th.
  2. From the album: Greenthumbs Cps

    My little Ceph i got from the uk in early January this year, its been coming along greatly. I love this little plant, would love to get some more, Eden Black looks astonishing but i have also seen the astonishing price tag
  3. I sowed a few hundred fresh Cephalotus seeds for the first time last October 2012, and stratified them for about 6 weeks. After that, they were placed under lights, and they sat around until about late february. Out of the hundreds of seeds, ONE germinated after 4 months! I gave up on watching them, and placed one pot outdoors, and left another pot indoors. Literally half a year from sowing, I'm finally starting to see more seeds here and there sprout. The pot outdoors started sprouting at the same time as the pot indoors. Luckily, moss didn't grow in these pots because if it did, I doubt any of these would have germinated. Has anyone figured out a way to treat the seeds to get them to sprout faster and more uniform? I'm beginning to suspect that stratification didn't do much. -Mike
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