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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all! I have a question. A little while ago I sent away for some Sarracenia seed which was advertised as Sarracenia x Catesbyi X Catesbyi. This was obtained from a reputable source and it proved viable. I now have a small pot with many seedlings. Yeeeay! :-) I do not know whether this seed was produced by cross-pollinating two separate plants, both the above hybrid; or whether instead, it was from a 'self' on a single specimen of Sarracenia xCatesbyi. But I am interested to know what my young plants may turn out to be.... My question is, "If you make a simple hybrid, such as Sarracenia purpurea x Sarracenia flava and take the progeny, i.e. Sarracenia x Catesbyi then cross the progeny with a similarly-conceived simple hybrid of like specific parentage, then do you get a mixture of the parent species and the hybrid S. Catesbyi in third generation plants? (Or are all the third generation plants hybrids, in fact?)" To those who claim that I should be answering this question for myself, I might add here, that it appears at this stage that all the seedlings in my pot show little variation and therefore no reversion occurs in this case.... which makes me wonder why it happens within a species for flower-colour n sweet peas. The other question is, what is the difference between Sarracenia xCatesbyi, and S. Catesbyi X Catesbyi; in other words, what extra information is the originator of this seed conveying in terms of genotype or other properties? With thanks for your attention. I am quite a newbie in growing Sarras from seed, but it is a uniquely satisfying pursuit to me. Jon
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