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Found 3 results

  1. The world-wide feedback on the PLOS ONE publication of the catapult-flypaper-trap (2012 September 26) exceeds all expectations. Its 75 ms motion beats even the Venus Flytrap. Until today the story has been reported by more than 100 (Dec. 4) international, mainly scientific websites including National Geographic, Science and Smithsonian Magazine. Le Figaro in France added even a soundtrack and a French translation to our video short-cut, published with the article (open access licence, therefore everybody may use that version on his website if the publication and authors are cited). The Greek Madata found and added even a link to our movie "Drosera: Snap-tentacles and Runway Lights" in full length (on the ICPS YouTube-channel). Many CPers know that film from a gratis torrent-stream provider (2007) and the ICPS-conference in Frostburg (2008). However, the latest reports in Korea and China are still a little cryptic to us . Some examples: France (soundtrack added by Le Figaro): http://www.lefigaro....llisecondes.php Greece (only one example, containing the link to our complete snap-tentacle-film): http://www.madata.gr...ges/227461.html Korea: http://nownews.seoul...=20121003601005 China: http://animal.kexue....1003/25206.html Japan: http://www.nationalg..._id=20120928002 Australia: http://www.heraldsun...r-1226482316856 And in case of interest and enough time, all international reports we know (links daily updated): http://www.hartmeyer...e_Feedback.html PLOS ONE original publication: http://dx.plos.org/1...al.pone.0045735 Our documentary film The Diva's Catapult (English captions):
  2. This short film features the prey-catching by the catapult-flypaper-trap of Drosera glanduligera. Simon Poppinga from the Plant Biomechanics Group of the Botanic Garden of the University Freiburg (Head Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck) operated the high-speed camera and the scanning electron microscope. The HD-shots were made by Irmgard and myself on our living-room table, using our Sony Z5 camera. This digest shows explicitly the prey-catching of the catapult-flypaper-trap and was new edited for those, who like to see just the basal principles, and not the complete documentation on our examinations. Our collaboration with the Plant Biomechanics Group "Catapulting Tentacles in a Sticky Carnivorous Plant" was published on September 26 2012 at PLOS ONE (http://dx.plos.org/1...al.pone.0045735).
  3. We are happy to introduce the catapult-flypaper-trap in PLOS ONE and on YouTube: http://dx.plos.org/1...al.pone.0045735 ... and I was not quite sure in which topic I should post this: "Sundews" or "Spring traps" ;-)). We show the first experimental evidence for the role of catapulting tentacles in prey capture of a carnivorous plant and introduce a new active trapping mechanism: The catapult-flypaper-trap. This video documents our (Irmgard and Siegfried R. H. Hartmeyer) collaboration with the Plant Biomechanics Group of the Botanic Garden of the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg (Germany) in 2012, providing all necessary information to handle the sophisticated cultivation of Drosera glanduligera and to understand how this unique sundew from southern Australia uses its amazing combined catapult-flypaper trapping mechanism. Prey animals walking near the edge of the sundew trigger a touch-sensitive snap-tentacle which swiftly catapults them upside down onto adjacent sticky glue-tentacles. By acting like a band-conveyor, the glue-tentacles lift the prey into the concave leaf-center within two minutes where digestion takes place, well protected from kleptoparasites. This is the first detailed documentation and analysis of the prey-catching, functional morphology, and kinematics of such catapulting tentacles, and highlights a unique and surprisingly complex mechanical adaptation to carnivory.
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