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  1. The plants was nepenthes . I haven't seen other marks on the postage. I think that the post office have to refund the cost but the seller has interest to make a claim ?
  2. if the seller is never responsible why choice the traceable package ?
  3. Collissimo International Prioritaire parcel n° : CC696902805FR Date Description Location 16/11/2016 Your parcel was delivered. Italie 16/11/2016 Your parcel has arrived at its delivery location Italie 15/11/2016 Your parcel has arrived in the destination country Italie 21/09/2016 Your parcel has left the country of origin. Export center 21/09/2016 Your parcel is being shipped. Export center 20/09/2016 Your parcel is being shipped. Sud-Ouest platform 19/09/2016 Your parcel has been posted after the posting deadline. It will be shipped on the next working day. Post office Mourenx
  4. hello I received some plants two months after shipment, but two days after entering Italy, died of course. The expedition was traceable. The seller says it is not responsible Is he right?
  5. carlo999

    Haenaria Radiata

    beautiful someone gave me (a gift) a tuber do you think is time to repot it?
  6. what else to say simply fantastic
  7. carlo999


    Hello My name is Carlo from Italy I grow carnivorous plant mainly pinguicula, sarracenia and drosera. I have a few nepenthes . regards