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  1. ive just had a major breakout of bugs on my windowsil. small black and white ladybird looking things. no idea what they were. none of my CP's seemed to be catching any, i worry they were too small/sedentary to trigger the vft's and didnt crawl onto any sundews. fixed it with bug spray... the irony!
  2. Ey up folk. sorry for late reply, life has a funny habit of getting in the way of things doesn't it! I have quite a few Pictures ready to rock. i assume we use Imgur here? Thanks for the welcome The best bit, Leeds :) Now then love. haha yeah im rapidly running out of window space. have a very healthy sized glass house out back but with this temperamental bloody weather i dare not move them out. i know they are relatively hardy but "if its not broke dont fix it.."
  3. Wow. some incredibly beautiful plants (and good photography).. i'll reconsider posting mine and try get some better pictures haha
  4. Hi everybody. Been growing about a year now have a small collection, mostly just potted them all into one trench/trough. its all windowsill growing so nothing professional but falling in love with it all fast. Have a biology degree which helps with this sort of thing i guess, mostly here to learn and drool over the pic's. see you around, sorry if i tread on any toes while i'm still new here, please bare with me.