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  1. Thanks for the reply Guy. The plants arrived as they are in the pictures so some had been in the pots for a while hence the moss and two of them clearly potted up fresh prior for despatch. On the website it states that all plants are 4 to 5 years old unless stated otherwise. I contacted them to see if they had pygmy drosera available and they supplied them without stating age. Yes you are right about it taking a lot of pygmy drosera to make a pot look full but I still feel they were less than generous with their portions. I'm going to send an email saying that I'm not happy within the 8 day complaint procedure stated on their website. I was cautious about stating who the company is but I will. It was P&J Plants. I know business is tough in the carnivorous plant world but they won't get many repeat customers with such small portions. Fingers crossed they survive.
  2. Today I received an order for drosera plants and I can't help but feel disappointed. I wonder if anyone has any advice on the etiquette required for making a complaint. The plants came from a well known commercial grower in the UK and I feel deflated at the measly portions I received for my money. I've included a picture and wondered if I am being unjust. They cost £27 including postage and took three weeks to cash the cheque so we are talking slow delivery too. I won't be dealing with them again as you might expect.
  3. I had this happen to a Cudo dionaea form I bought some years ago. It got smaller and then sat in the pot for several years alive but doing nothing. In the end it went over the Rainbow Bridge last year after repotting time. In my opnion you can give some of the smaller forms of dionaea the greatest care ever and they just fade away. I have often wondered that some forms of flytrap rather than being perennial they are shorter living compared to other forms of dionaea. When I say shorter living I mean a couple of years. Usually by this point you may have acquired some progeny so it doesn't really matter that the parent has passed on. If we are looking at my Cudo form as an example it took a considerable amount of time before it RIP'd. I would say 8 years. I should have booted it out and replaced it but you know how you hang on to these plants thinking they will recover!
  4. Flames of Evil seems more appropriate! Put me down for one in the future please!
  5. Went to my local crappy Asda and who knew it they had lots in stock! Got my Bill Baily and Suki sitting on the bathroom windowsill now. £4 each - who can resist!
  6. Sadly no we don't grow nepethes but the beer and cakes are still on offer to anyone who might be interested in getting this open day going! If there is anyone out there Midlands or otherwise who might like a trip out to Nottinghamshire to see a good collection of dionaea and some sarracenia then we are here. Bring plants to sell or swap and some friendly banter. I am going for either the 6th or 7th August (tbc) so if anyone is interested that would be great. If not then I've only wasted typing time.
  7. I just thought it would be nice to have an independent open day while the weather and plants still looked good. Anyone interested send me an message so I can get an idea of whether it is worthwhile me baking cakes, getting in beer and tidying up the garden!
  8. Thanks everyone for their input as I wanted to see if anyone was interested enough in coming around to our place for a nice carnivorous get together. Something gentle and nice and no being hassled by aggressive collectors who like to push you around because you are small fry! My only problems are we'd have to have limited number of visitors, parking problems (not a lot and some potentially angry neighbours), a small-ish garden and fear of criticism of our collection! We are mainly flytraps and some sarracenia and by no means a national collection or anything. Just timid carnivorous plant collectors. I just thought it was a shame that noone has an open day up North. I did think about August 6th or 7th this year and we are around Nottingham way if anyone wanted a location.
  9. I've noticed that there seem to be plenty of carnivorous plant open days down south but why aren't there any in the East Midlands or a bit further up north? It's a bit of a bind travelling to far off locations (but usually well worth it) but putting it bluntly it does get a bit dull and boring looking at the same old collections and locales. I know the social side of things makes up for the same old, same old but it would be nice if someone pulled a new meet out of the bag. Is there anyone out there who might 'spice' up things and have an open day or a nice informal meet with the chance of buying/swapping for us further up north ? Sometimes the journey is a bit of a bind and I would like to see some new blood on the scene for a change as well. I know there are collectors out there in my neck of the woods so maybe this less than subtle hint might make them spring into action. Anyone?
  10. Everyone is right about not labelling it when guesswork is involved. This is why is it important to keep accurate records when you acquire a plant. Even if the plant is a purchased with no name attached keep a record of when, where and whom. Obsessive I guess but it could be useful sometime. Just to add my view on what it could be (and no don't label it as such naughty, naughty) it has a central red spot which in my collection leans towards a parentage of BCP's H series. Have a look on the website at their old records and photographs. There are plenty of other posibilities and guessing keeps collecting fun. Also don't let the weirdly formed trap fool you into thinking it's something new as I have seen this occur occasionally (though not frequently) in the odd one of my plants.
  11. It's a false vivipary and once the plant or plants are growing on the stalk sprout roots you can pot them up. I do this all the time and it is an ideal way of getting plants that are identical to the parent plant. Some years you get the odd one on a plant but other years so many on separate plants it is hard to keep up with them. This year they are shooting up everywhere so I guess weather is a factor. I have noticed that they occur in mild years and extremely cold years.
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