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  1. A year ago I was lucky enough to get a leaf cutting of this plant from VCPS President, Steve Fretwell. This is a pic of it after 1 year (it's the end of the growing season here). Coming along quite nicely! Cheers, Paul
  2. Whoops, that's "Spence's Giant". Sorry
  3. Hi Sean. Yes, I'm well aware you are the genius behind all this! And thank you so much for going to the trouble of creating these awesome plants. But now you've raised the bar! What's next? And whatever it is, put me down for my fair share! (Plus a few - I'm a bit greedy). You should have called them "Spense's Giant"! Cheers, Paul.
  4. Well, here I am again back in the world of CPs! I grew CPs for several years up until approx. 10 years ago, when I stopped to pursue other interests. I was an active member of the Victorian CP Society (in fact, President for a while). I was also lucky enough to win several Grand Champion Plants at the annual show (see the forum "Edwards Giant" under the Cephalotus section of this forum). A year or more ago, I saw some of the enormous VFTs on display at a Triffid Park display at a market (in particular G4 x G37, G16 x G37, G7 x G14). These blew me away and prompted me to go out and buy
  5. Hi people. I grew this Ceph back in the early 2000s. I'm not sure of where I originally sourced it from, but I had it for several years. It was big. And I mean BIG! It had great colouration and I was lucky enough to win the Grand Champion plant with it at the VCPS Annual Show. I'm not sure if it was a big cultivar or I just had the growing conditions spot on. I didn't name it "Edwards Giant" and I have no idea who did. After the show, I divided it up and gave pieces out to several members of the VCPS at a meeting. I stopped growing CPs about 10 or so years ago and moved on to