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  1. Came across the following plant for sale from Hampshire carnivorous situated in the uk What do there hope to achieve by naming a plant after some TV personality the hybrid was made by Rob cantley Of borneo exotics ( So Hampshire carnivorous did not make the hybrid ) So their import it to there nursery spice it up and name it after tv personality Bill Bailey Why why why Boring ....... Nepenthes 'Bill Bailey'. This is a selected cultivar of a hybrid between Nepenthes singalana x ventricosa selected by Rob Cantley of Borneo Exotics The female parent being Nepenthes singalana,
  2. HI Can't understand why this book cost so much, when other books eg roses , fuchsia, bonsai cost a fifth of this price people like carnivorous plants, but no way i would pay that price
  3. Came across the following on ebay current price £440 Nepenthes klossii The person selling the plant lives in the UK Love to know how he can obtain rare plants and no other person seems to be able to obtain a plant like this
  4. Hi i use a different brand to KLASMANN peat i use shamrock sphagnum peat moss ( fine grade ) been using fine grade for over 8 years know with out a problem YOU SHOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM
  5. HI I switched over to melcourt growth pine bark last year, and have found that my plants are growing better and there seem to colour up more on melcourt technical sheet ,it states that the pine bark is sound ,stable structure, which will not measurably degrade with time Due to the pine not degrading like sphagnum moss peat . i should be able to leave my plants for extra years without repotting what are your views regarding repotting http://www.melcourt.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Melcourt-Topgrow-Technical-Information-S MIKE KING Shropshire Sarracenias has come up with a peat free mix for his pitcher plants; it’s so good he doesn’t bother with peat at all for his National Collection now. “One part perlite, one part fine or coarse Cornish grit and two parts fine milled bark from Melcourt” https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/gardening-blog/2016/mar/15/why-i-changed-my-mind-about-peat
  6. Hi Only seen 4 flys so far I live near middlesbrough. uk Left bin bag open still none
  7. Hi going of your plant lable your plant should be Sarracenia (leucophylla x oreophila) SX-17 when you say Adrian slack are you referring to the plant that code for Adrian Slack is Sarracenia x moorei 'Adrian Slack' H-113-MK
  8. hi has any one used the following 'and if so dose it work? freshaTank Microbial Disc About FreshaTank Antimicrobial Disc's: Is made from Copper and Silver Uses the natural biocidal effects of real siver, which when immersed in water, destroys germs including: Viruses, bacteria, fungus, algae and water-bourne diseases. FreshaTank works without wear, meaning 1 disc will last you a lifetime! Just place Fresh Tank in your Aquarium or Water Butt and it will immediately begin working. FreshaTank will treat 90 litres of water which is nutrient rich in bright sunlight, or can treat up to 200 litres of water in a Water Butt ATTACHMENTS freshatank-microbial-disc-941--master - Copy.jpeg (153.31 KiB) Not viewed yet
  9. Hi I Came a cross this picture of a Sarracenia with a large mouth could not find any information regarding this plant ,have you any idea. would love to have this in my collection. Thanks
  10. Hi I Came a cross this picture of a Sarracenia with a large mouth could not find any information regarding this plant ,have you any idea. would love to have this in my collection. Thanks
  11. HI I collect rain water from my house roof to use on my sarracenia One day I noticed that debris was entering my water butt. I read in post that plant matter and contaminants, would in time make the water start to smell. So I came up with an easy conversion of a rainwater diverter to use as a filter, can be removed and cleaned This may be helpfull to others , my water is now free from every thing now. What you need is plastic mesh which people use to cross stich you can obtain this from any haberdashery shop The mesh comes in different counts The word (counts) Means how many holes are in 25mm square or 1" x 1" I HAVE USE 14 COUNT MESH this stops every thing I have upload some photos the photo showing mesh have been magnified to show holes thus the holes are in fact very small
  12. Hi Thanks for your recommendation just refitted barrel After leaving in the fridge for 1 hour just waiting for a sunny day
  13. HI I live in the north east of the uk .weather as not been that warm I just installed a gardmin auto vent vent opens up but dose not seem that warm i adjusted it but still opens up I want it to stay closed to help sarracenia to grow Do you think it's faulty dose Any one know of a more accurate auto vent
  14. Hi just recieved my three small medium divisions in march 2017 still dormant so just wounder if it a slow grower thanks ada
  15. Hi I was trying to obtain a Specimen of Sarracenia Adrian Slack but after reading forums regarding how hard it was, that it was going to be near impossible To obtain one. You see a few on EBay which going for ridicules prices In one year, I obtained three in total one from mike king. I was on his wish list, just received a small medium division cost £15 other two cost £20 each Could anyone who has grown this plant tell me is it a slow grower After reading about Sarracenia Adrian Slack, some say it is a slow grower and some people say it is not a slow grower Whose right
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