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  1. Welcome James, We don't bite.....
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMAFme1hBH0
  3. I think Ian's idea of lining the tank with pond liner sounds reasonable...if possible in your situation.
  4. Hi Paul, It's a good time to look for greenhouses for free or on the cheap .Gumtree and the like. Normally would have to dismantle and take away . I use normal greenhouse glass and my grandchildren who ages range from 2 through too 9 have never hurt themselves or any glass broken and they visit daily. I am intrigued as to which 'rough area' of Bristol you live in...from a grower that has been growing in Bristol...and I donot mean the outskirts, for many years.( I live in Lockleaze) Regards Davy
  5. Has anybody else noticed that this site has been down for the last day or two?
  6. To get back to the naming of the plant... Following on from Carl's 'Snow White' and the look of the plant in the the last picture..Perhaps "Wicked Queen" It's a name that would stand out
  7. From personal experience of sending seed to Ausrtalia.....The first time I sent some Darlingtonia seed to Sean Spence He told me how the seed should be labeled..with the correct name of plant on package ie Darlingtonia Californica ,and how many seeds. Success The second time around a buyer,(NOT Sean), wanted a very large quantity of seed..said there was no need of putting anything on package. Failure Unless of course I was ripped off!
  8. No pictures at present , if I remember I will try to take some over the weekend. I can give a brief description: Tallest pitcher only about 50cm in height. Pitchers rather slender and very well veined considering the lack of sun and the fact they have only opened in the last couple of days ( I suppose it would now be called oreophila var ornata). It has the location data of DeKalb,Alabama Where did you obtain your plant? Mine came from Rogier van Loenan, his O10 and I believe it originated from Phil Wilson.
  9. I have an oreophila with flowers identical to that.
  10. Davy

    special in name only

    Great photos Ada, (Who was taking the pictures?) Congrats on the AF moorei reaching maturity. What are going to try to cross it with?
  11. Richard, it does depend on how you look at life. I always think of my age as the next birthday coming up, because that is how many years I have lived. In my head, I will alway be 25!
  12. Hi Les, Hoping to be there, will have a couple of others with me.
  13. I want the grey fluffly one. (Top centre, then lower right) Post it insured international ,and if it arrives I will name it .....Schrödinger !