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  1. It could be Drosera brevifolia...
  2. More suggestions? It's not: dielsiana, burmanii, spatulata, aliciae, cuneifolia, slackii, venusta or x Tokaiensis. It could maybe be: white flower form of Drosera natalensis (VERY RARE because the two plants that I have with no ID are white flowered), Drosera south africa (because I don't know the colour of its flowers) or something else...
  3. Now that I searched un Google, muy Drosera is really alike to Drosera cuneifolia, but I think it isn't, my plant is doing great and has flowered un summer, but Drosera cuneifolia is a South African winter growing Drosera according to a descripción I just found and the colour of the flowers of Drosera cuneifolia is punk: "In early winter, D. cuneifolia produces multiple (up to 20), small, pink to reddish-purple flowers at the end of scapes which can be up to 15 cm (5.9 in) tall. Flowers individually open in the morning and close by mid afternoon, lasting just one day. The flowers can self-poll
  4. Hello everyone, could you please help me to identify this Drosera? I don't believe it's Drosera spatulata, x Tokaiensis, aliciae, natalensis or dielsiana because of the white flower, moreover, I don't think it's Drosera venusta because of the way the leaves develop. Pictures...
  5. Amazing plants! Congrats!