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  1. Welcome to the forum :-) It does seem quite ironic that you are cataloguing the insects with them now being the main dinner for your c.p :-D hmm im afraid i cant advise on the ppm, i dont really have the experience, i would say rain water or distilled water is best, rain seems slightly better from the looks. With the soil i tend to do a mix of silica sand, washed and drained coir and some frest pete, the less nutrients in the soil is the best path to take. The c.p have evolved to take their nutrients from the insects and seem to have a habit of browning, root burning and dying if you have to many minerals in the growing medium you are using :-) Hope it helps any Paul Manchester ah and there are many cultivars out there for the cps, some recorded others hybrids and un-recorded, you could check for the vft, but sorry not sure about the others, perhaps this forum and a google search on the specific species with the words 'cultivars' after the species name.
  2. Welcome to the forums bobby :-) there are some top forum members on here, glad to have you with us :-) Im not familiar with the Sarracenia your exp will be most welcomed on here :-D Paul Manchester
  3. Welcome to the forums :-) i do love the vft's, glad the forums have prooven helpful, good luck with your collection there. If you have any questions you know where we are give us a shout :-D Paul Manchester
  4. Welcome to the forums :-) sounds a nice collection :-p more space can always be conjured from somewhere for a good cause right :-) this is just the beginning :-D
  5. look really healthy plants :-) the first of many to come :-D welcome to the forums :-p
  6. welcome to the :-) cacti sound prickly fun :-D can you perhaps open the light up to the greenhouse? could you wing a small solar setup to run some leds lights perhaps :-) im sure someone on here may be able to assist :-) a warmer greenhouse will likely humour the cps you grow to life a bit more :-) have fun on the forums Paul
  7. welcome to the forums, cant wait to see your led hybrid setup and plants :-D regards Paul Manchester. U.k.
  8. must be better weather up there than it is in Manc down here :-p probably really is, its always overcast in Manchester so we don't get a dense sunlight to often :-) Its why I made this little grow station rather than relying on our sun :-D its probably possible to grow the c.p. in a little green house or on the window ledges up north though so its not the end of the world :-p mmm Portugal weather would be lovely :-D Look forward to see how your plants do :-) don't forget to post us some photos and updates :-p welcome to the forums Paul
  9. Good to have you with us :-) don't forget to share some photos of your trench withus when you get it moving :-D Paul
  10. Good to hear your plants held out, perks of global warming :-p welcome to the forum :-)
  11. Welcome to the forum :-) I/We look forward to your grow list and look forward to seeing how your greenhouse is going :-p
  12. yep im sure its a SMD5050 to, rings a bell from when I was looking in to the chips, they are about 5mm x 5mm :-) epistar led 5w chips I think they are called. they are weird looking chips I must admit they look more like little microchips rather than the usual diodes, really strange :-D the three tiers of the shelving come to about 590-610w in total, im running a psu with 20 strips at 187w, a psu at 23 strips at 215w and a third psu with 22 strips at 205w, where each psu is consuming 7-10w to run each onboard psu fan :-)
  13. as mentioned above here is my attempt at using a 1/3 coir, 1/3 sand, 1/3 fresh peat. I didn't do the greatest experiment in the world like FlyTrap Ranch used a control plant, but this should still give a bit of an idea in to if the mixture pleases the Dionaea or not :-)
  14. thanks ji :-) i used these which have pretty decent 5w led chips in them, they don't spit out 5w but i imagine the 3w led chips don't spit out 3w either, so its the lesser of the two evils :-) mixing those with the cheap psu's it feels like for the wattage to light output they are actually not to bad :-D 20 strips are coming in at 187w, while each strip is hot to the touch running a nice 9w a strip and there are 34 leds per strip so its powering 680 leds nice for 187w :-)
  15. Hey Paul nice to see you guys are still clinging on down there :-D also I really like the choice of Dionaea cultivars you are going for there :-) good to see you getting back in to it and keep us posted on your progress with your garden :-D Paul Manchester