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  1. How does one increase the number of photos in this post? I just spent an hour adding text and photos only to be told it exceeds the number allowed!
  2. I am sure there, in reality are, but i guess the issues are that 1) macrophylla as 1 parent is, as far as i know, only found in that small mossy forest, 2) the sides are horribly steep, ruling out both opportunity and ability to survey, and 3) the amount of damage you would cause to the mossy forest to look for it outweighs knowing there are at least 5 plants.
  3. This is a selection of pictures from the recent Redfern expedition to Hose Mountain, in central Borneo, with an additional ascent of Trus Madi, the second highest peak after Kinabalu at 2,642 metres. Aware that Vincent posted many pictures from Trus Madi, I have tried to complement his picture set. I have kept the picture sizes small so as not to dis-advantage viewers with poor internet connections. If anyone wants an original, please ask. Trus Madi This is a distant shot of the Trus Madi ridge, with the double peak to the right, the summit being on the far right. The notch betwee
  4. I got one from Stan Lampard years back, lost it, but recovered it recently from propagation stock my mother held. Has it been described, or synonymised, or dumped as anything other than a colour form of something? I can find very little recent information on it. David
  5. so, did Father Christmas come good with a decent greenhouse heater in the end?
  6. How is it fixed to the ground Simon? Mine has long bolts into the concrete base that stop the frame moving, so there is no chance of the flex loosening the house bolts.
  7. http://www.bbsfieldguide.org.uk/sites/default/files/pdfs/otherpdfs/BBS%20Field%20Guide%20Sphagnum%20Key.pdf hours of fun for you here!
  8. Hotboxes or Biogreens have stood me well over the years. Hotboxes have the edge of being repaired in the UK (albeit by 2 different companies) whereas poorly Biogreens might have to return to Germany (?). Be useful to confirm that last point, as my very old Biogreen now trips the house power rcd when i turn it on. I would stay away from those things that look like glorified hair-driers, as I regard them as a false economy. As long as all your plugs, cables, and boxes are water-proofed you should be safe. If you are bringing them in, remember not to keep them too warm!
  9. Yes, Ian, I popped along there this summer on a fearfully wet day when Paul was at a show, but i got a few plants.
  10. Well, after years of browsing this excellent site, I have now formerly registered. I started growing plants in the mid 1970's and well remember getting my folks to drive from West Cornwall to Somerset to visit Adrian Slack's nursery, where i got a S.flava (I still have it or its clones!). This when the A30 was an ordinary road and so unlike the dual carriageway it is (mostly) today. A few winters back, in the Arctic wastes of Herefordshire as it was then, I lost much of my collection, which set me back emotionally, but I am now re-building. Just treated myself to a LED lighting panel to pursu
  11. What might be a useful tactic is to see if you can get all your Christmas present money combined from aunts, uncles, parents etc, and go for a fan heater. This not only sees off the frost but gives you that essential blow through that Blocky71 was mentioning. My fan heater has just come back from being repaired and even in that short gap of 2 weeks botytris got has got onto a baby Pinguicula hemiepiphytica. Thankfully back up to full gale now. Does make it easier if you have power hooked into your greenhouse though, or it is close enough to the house to run from there. Do make sure it is all w
  12. does then indicate, perhaps, that the thermostat thinks it is warm enough and so turns the unit off from heating more? Just got my old Elite back from them after a refit and repair. David