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  1. Warning contains white cigars and glasswarez, now that's skilled @ 20:10 - ....hands free tissue culture
  2. Your bog garden looks great ;-) I hope to do one in the future, I have to learn enough about the plants first before it would be a realistically possible project to attempt. The white pipe sticking up from the peat it is to fill water ? How many water butts full of rainwater (imperial gallons, or litres) did you need to store up to get it wet it enough that the rain takes over, on initial set up ? What pipe layout did you use please ? I was thinking of a rectangle and pipe runs across. You could put a solvent weld cap on it that has a rodding eye and o ring seal which you can then unscrew to fill the water and it'll prevent things getting down there over time, and it will also prevent wind ingress that could freeze water in or around the holes in the pipework on the base of the bed, and make the roots colder in winter in an none natural way eg' from the base upwards instead of surface downwards, or potentially if the roots are attracted to the water run which would move peat like with none cp plants, then wind ingress could hit the roots and scorch/burn them from heat/cold, I am unsure really it was just ideas I had when thinking on it, I read a RHS article not for carnivorous plants but a general bog garden, it said to use a hose pipe but I thought pp waste would be a better too. I was trying to factor it in on the planning and it's what I was thinking of doing. Solvent weld you can get the pipe and rodding eye in a green type colour, it'd blend in easily with the plants. Also I thought to help reduce drying out of the the peat bed in hot weather through the open pipe faster than with a closed one. I am not ready to make it yet, it's a future project I am just at the early stages of planning. Where did you buy the large amount of peat from ? Was it in multiple regular sized bags/bails, or in the tonne bags like builders use ? It will be exciting to watch future posts of your bog garden. Thank You for showing it.