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  1. Mvule

    from Uganda

    Thank you for your offer Marcus. Someone has offered me D.capensis now and are sending the seeds. Thank you so much for offering though!
  2. Humm I thought rafflesiana was one of the more difficult species...
  3. Mvule

    from Uganda

    Thank you Fero and Buster! Fero that article was very interesting and thank you for the offer of seeds. You all are very encouraging!
  4. Mvule

    from Uganda

    Thank you so much for these ideas Hud. My biggest challenge is access to plants as shipping stuff here would be prohibitive and I think the bureaucracy here would be hard to overcome. Mostly I have to grow stuff from seed (until now palms and the like). Though I did manage to bring a VFT from the UK in my hand luggage as a gift for my son! By the way it seems to be doing well and we have divided into three pots now. So that is why I am on a search for viable Nep seeds. As you say Hud they would seem my best bet. But my first time to sow seeds, despite waiting for 9 months, came to nothing and I ended up with a bunch of green slime!
  5. Ok that is good to know. I am thinking of ordering some Neps from from Does this forum sometimes have people who have Nep seeds to spare or is that rare?
  6. Mvule

    from Uganda

    Thank you, Fero, I'm afraid I dont know much about where to look for CPs here. My guess is that they would be on the tops of mountains where there is lots of rain and little tree cover? The Rwenzori Mountains comes to mind. Also possibly in in the Imatong Mountains. I am actually planning to hike there in January but it will be the dry season so I am not sure what I will find. Any hints or ideas of how and where to find them would be appreciated! John I wonder if there are other members of this forum in East Africa?
  7. Mvule

    from Uganda

    Thank you I am now looking for those seeds! Sent from my TECNO M3 using Tapatalk
  8. Ok this is great. So I should look out for: entrata miranda truncatas Alata, Venticosa Maxima But where is the best place to get seeds of Neps if ebay is not good I looked at some of the recomendated sites here. Would their seeds be better than ebay?
  9. Mvule

    from Uganda

    Thank you are drosera easy from seed or just easy to grow once they are bigger? Sent from my TECNO M3 using Tapatalk
  10. Do you think I could grow sarracenia here or do they need a cold period if so what species. Thank you for all the help. Sent from my TECNO M3 using Tapatalk
  11. I sowed the seeds on Nep soil mix I brought from the UK. I basically spread them on the surface and kept the pot more or less constantly standing in water in a ziploc bag (for humidity). I think I kept them like that in the shade for about 9 months and grew nothing but slime. I will look into these options ordering them in vitro would be a bit dicey as it would a. cost a lot and b. we are 9 hours north of the capital city Kampala where everything happens. I can imagine the journey being slow and the courier might not be very keen to come up here. I will see if the couriers are in my town. I really appreciate the list of species I can try I will hunt for the seeds and see where I get.
  12. Mvule

    from Uganda

    Oh thanks for that info, now I will be counting the days.
  13. Mvule

    from Uganda

    Thank you everyone!
  14. Thank you for your ideas. The dry season (December to march or April) is usually in the 90s (30'C) in the day but drops down to 60'F (15-16'C) at night so is fairly cool then. It is quite consistently cool at night except when it is about to rain at the end of the dry season in March/April. Those months it can stay hot in the 80s. Where do I get tissue culture hybrids from? I think in Uganda there are no Neps of any sort available!
  15. Hi there everyone this is my first post. I live in Uganda and would love to grow Neps. Our altitude is 1200m and we have a significant dry season when the air is dry for about 3-4 months. Obviously I can water them but the air is dry at that time of year. What Neps should I try growing for starters? I was thinking of growing them under a shady tree. I guess they would be intermediate types? Also where is the best place to get fresh Nep seeds as I have tried to order off ebay but non of the seeds germinated. Any ideas welcome. Thanks