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  1. I love this plant so I wanted to share it with you guys... S. flava discribed as red tube and wavy lid
  2. Thanks - that is very helpful.
  3. Was it a dumb question or something!
  4. Last year I tried to raise Drosophyllum from seed and am delighted that I now have a couple of really nice plants (thanks to the CPS seed bank). Cheered by my success I was wondering how many different forms of this plant exist? Also, what is the difference between the typical form and the plant from Alfenn in Portugal? Thanks in anticipation.
  5. I was wondering about placing it on a gravel base with a waterproof membrane underneath, but I'm worried it might still be a bit damp in the Winter. I only wondered about gravel because it sounds easy to do! If I use concrete I think I will have to get someone in to do it for me! I'm not really a handyman!
  6. The two books I have on CPs seem to disagree about whether Darlingtonia secrete digestive enzymes. D'Amato says no, the Pietropaolos say yes - one enzyme. Does anyone know which is correct?
  7. I have a small aluminium greenhouse for my CPs, with the company's own metal base unit. It currently stands on the patio, but we are moving in May and the new house doesn't have a patio big enough for a greenhouse. I was wondering what the best kind of foundations were for a greenhouse like mine? Can you place them on a gravel base or should the ground be paved? I would be very grateful for some advice. I am only keen to have the greenhouse up and running as soon as possible so that no harm comes to my precious CPs!
  8. Do you re-pot in early March? It's just that some of my Sarras in my frost free greenhouse seem to be showing signs of early re-growth and I was wondering if I should start re-potting now? On the other hand I don't want to jump the gun. Any advice? Thanks.
  9. Nick1234

    Water levels

    Hi! When do you reduce watering for pitcher plants? Do you wait for growth to stop or do you begin to lower the water table in anticipation of dormancy? Thanks Nick
  10. When I went to see Mike King's collection recently he told me that he re-pots his VFTs every year as it added vigour to them. Other growers seem to shy away from re-potting VFTs as they say it harms them. What is your experience? Also, when you re-pot do you wash away all the old compost from around the bulb and roots or do you try and disturb the plant as little as possible? I realise this question is a bit premature given that re-potting time is a long time away, but it is a question that I'd like to know the answer to. Thanks.
  11. Over the past couple of weeks my greenhouse has been full of flies and my CPs have been having a feast. My only concern is that my VFT (typical form) has been catching so many flies that every single trap is shut and digesting a meal. My question is this: is it possible for a VFT to over-feed? In other words will it harm it to have too many flies? Incidentally I don't know what you all find but my typical seems to catch way more flies than my Akai Ryu or my rosetted 'red line' form.
  12. Can I ask how long you 'cooked it' for? I continually suffer from Sudden Cephalotus Death Syndrome and wonder if the potting medium you mention might help.
  13. Thanks guys. The cool/warm pattern certainly fits with the weather we've been having here in Sheffield this month.
  14. My S. purpurea ssp. purpurea has just sent up a flowering stalk is it common for this species to flower in mid-summer?
  15. I don't know for sure what the Czech climate is like but I would guess it is a typical continental climate with warmer drier summers than ours. Our tendancy to have a week of drizzle every now and again might not suit Drosophyllum which in Portugal (its natural habitat) has a warm, dry summer with occassional heavy thundery downpours in the summer. But I am no expert! Perhaps you could shelter it in the garden even if you have no greenhouse? But I would be guided by someone who's tried leaving one outside during a typical UK summer.
  16. Nick1234

    Red Cup

    Brad, can I ask you what form that yellow with red fringe VFT is on your avatar? It is lovely. Nick
  17. I have three S. flava forms and they have all been growing really well all summer, but just in the past week or two they have all stopped throwing up new pitchers. None of my other Sarracenia species have stopped pitchering, just that one group. Is this something I should be worried about or does it happen sometimes? Does flava in particular slow down as the summer progresses? I like it when my sarras are pitchering continuously during the growing season as it is more interesting! By the way, they have excellent light and there are no pests at the moment.
  18. Can you fill me in a bit more about what 'Slack potting' is? Ta
  19. Well thanks for that guys. It is good to hear that others of you manage to grow this plant in damp climates. You are right about their rate of growth my seedling is storming ahead! By the way, when you water them from below I am assuming you don't leave them sitting in water?
  20. Wow! That is fast growth. I'll feel happier when mine get to that size. It must be easier to avoid damping-off in sunny climates like California than in damp north of England! Having said that, we haven't had a bad summer but just as my seedlings came up the rain started and the temperatures dropped.
  21. thanks for the help. Here's hoping they don't get damp-off!
  22. I'm really excited. My first ever Drosophyllum seedling has just poked out of the compost and I'm aware that they are fragile from this point, particularly through their first winter. Could anyone please give me some tips as to how to handle this/these seedlings from this point on. When to transplant? What kind of compost? When to water? Overwintering temperatures etc etc? Thanks in advance.
  23. I live just to the north of Sheffield and although Sheffield is not a particularly attractive town I can see the Peak District hills from my bedroom window. For those of you in other countries Sheffield is an industrial town in the north (or north midlands depending on your point of view) of England.
  24. Thanks for your suggestions. Since I took this photo a flowering stem has appeared, so as you say, that might help.
  25. Nick1234

    identity help

    I found this Drosera growing in a pot underneath another plant and I left it in the pot and took the other plant out. Could anyone help me to identify it please. Each rosette is about an inch across. Thanks for your help