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  1. Hi here’s some watercolour paintings of lowii and veitchii, the pieces are up for sale if anyone is interested.
  2. I don't think it is, I too am looking for one but most of them tend to open up around 10-15c..its quite annoying...
  3. also those n.lowii wings are giphy.mp4
  4. hope you don't mind but could you explain briefly how did you built this?
  5. Sup. Been quite some time since I've been active on here..anyway I'm back and I'm going to show you my plants... --here's my n.veitchii x burbidgeae who's recovered very well from its disaster... --here's my n.ventricosa x talangensis of which has grow a lot since... -with multiple basals... -....and flower stalk --here's a completely new plant,n.maxima x burbidgeae of which I love... --again here another new plant,n.singalana x burkei --and finally here's my n.ventrata ----------------- Here are some of my favorite pitchers so far... -n.ventricosa x talangensis -n.maxima x burbidgeae -n.singalana x burkei So that's it in the near future I hope to be getting a 6x8 greenhouse with shelving,plants and maybe even a hydrofogger... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Im looking for a new terrarium as my green house broke down im also i need of lights for them if i get a terrarium just asking if any of you guys have any glass tanks or stuff - Sabian Mehmetaj
  7. Hi there I'm from Nottingham too in Wollaton - Sabian Mehmetaj
  8. So like the brown leaves? And leave the only one? Ive placed it on a south facing window sill and gets quite a bot of light:) - Sabian Mehmetaj
  9. heres a pic i guess a basal could pop out could i use keiki paste and i check the roots and seemed to be fine if that means anything - Sabian Mehmetaj - Sabian Mehmetaj
  10. heres a pic i guess a basal could pop out could i use keiki paste and i check the roots and seemed to be fine if that means anything - Sabian Mehmetaj
  11. Hey im Sabian and i like to draw and paint things so heres some of my nepenthes drawings and paintings :) - Sabian Mehmetaj
  12. About a month ago on a very windy night my outdoor greenhouse collapsed fortunately two of my neps are fine but my veitchii x burbidgeae has got some damage but im worried about it surviving.ive asked many collectors on instagram who have had years of experience with them and they say that it should snap back but i just need more info its been around half a month or so and still nothing:( i just need to know if it will survive and how long till it wakes up if so and maybe if so some tips:) ill post some pics⬇️⬇️⬇️ - Sabian Mehmetaj
  13. I wan to grow Nepenthes dionea drosera maybe a few helis and cephalotus
  14. Hi there im wanting to soon grow my cps in a different area with out cacti and stuff.but i dont know what to grow in.what would be better a small plastic greenhouse a glass tererium or a grow tent.i like the grow tent and tererium as my plants will stay indoors in my house.my collection is small around 4 plants at the moment but will be growing as all do.i have a budget of around £40 remember i will need to get some lights not matter what as now in autum/winter we hardly get sun light so im scared if my plants will die.at the moment im growing all plants in a large plastic greenhouse housing 50 plants all together.i might also get a humidifier as humidity is low but in tereriums i dont need one.pls help me:) - Sabian
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