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  1. Some are not too badly. Leucophylla alba SL8 X HCW 1A Others are very slow. Leucophylla Titan X leucophylla red stripe throat
  2. Leucophylla HCW 5A X Wilkerson's red OP - 22/11/2016
  3. Hi Andrea, I am also interested in your comment. I sowed seeds last winter indoor under LED lamp and also this winter. Here is the list: Winter 2016/2017 S. leucophylla ‘Cronus’ /“Titan” L47MK x S. leucophylla, red stripe throat SL61 (Aldebardan CPUK 22/11) S. x “Black Knight” x S. x “Black Widow” SX113 (Aldebardan CPUK 22/11) S. leucophylla var. alba Very white tops, with some green veines SL8 x S. leucophylla ‘Hurricane Creek White’ Clone 1A (Aldebardan CPUK 22/11) S. leucophylla ‘Hurricane Creek White’ Clone 5A x “Wilkerson’s Red” OP - SX101 (Aldebardan CPUK 22/11) Winter 2017/2018 S. Leucophylla Hurricane Creek White clone 1A (Aldebardan) (28/10)S. Leucophylla Hurricane Creek White clone E (Aldebardan) (28/10)S. Leucophylla Hurricane Creek White clone 1A X clone E (Aldebardan) (28/10)S. Leucophylla Hurricane Creek White clone 5A X clone E (Aldebardan) (28/10)S. Black Widow (Aldebardan) (28/10) S. Purpurea ssp venosa var burkei completely veinless x black widow (Aldebardan) (18/12)S. Leucophylla Botanic Garden of Padua x Alata black tube A28MK (Aldebardan) (18/12)S. Super Throat x Sky Watcher (Aldebardan) (18/12)S. Leah Wilkerson x Leucophylla Alba SL8 (Aldebardan) (18/12)S. Minor Okefenokee Giant x Leah Wilkerson (Aldebardan) (18/12) I am impressed by the growth of the crossing Leucophylla Hurricane Creek White Clone 5A X Wilkerson's red OP SX101. I shall post photos this evening.
  4. Not so bad for the season
  5. Hi JLuis,

    Just in case, i'll have a divison of my S. Camisole for sale ...






  6. Very disappointed by the low rate of seeding of seeds last year ... 4 on 50 On the other hand, I have to say that I was paid off my purchase.
  7. bilou68

    My peat bog

    Thank you. I cut only tubes dried out in autumn.
  8. Hi rivers,

    Are the seeds still available ?





  9. bilou68

    Seed sowing

    All my seeds of sarracenia were sowed.
  10. Hello,

    I'm interested on one packet of the following seeds :

    S. leucophylla ‘Cronus’ /“Titan” L47MK x S. leucophylla, red stripe throat SL61    4,5 EU

    S. x “Black Knight” x S. x “Black Widow” SX113       4 EU

    S. leucophylla var. alba Very white tops, with some green veines SL8 x S. leucophylla ‘Hurricane Creek White’ Clone 1A     5 EU

    S. leucophylla ‘Hurricane Creek White’ Clone 5A x “Wilkerson’s Red” OP - SX101        6 EU

    Could you tell me the price shipping include for France ?

    And your paypal address ...

    Best regards.




  11. Do you know where could i find a seed ?
  12. bilou68

    My peat bog

    In the North-Est of the France ...
  13. my collection ... darlingtonia (rossolis) - dioneae akai ryu (?) - dioneae all green (karnivores) - dionaea B52 (mic) - dioneae big mouth (?) - dioneae bristle tooth (karnivores) - dionaea dentate x11 (mic) - dioneae dracula (?) - dionaea extreme fused tooth (krikrou) - dionaea G14XG19 (enzocarnivore7) - dioneae G16 (karnivores) - dionaea giant form x piranha (dylandu60) - dioneae jaws smiley (?) - dioneae jumbo (karnivores) - dionaea louchapates (mic) - dionaea microdent (mic) - dionaea red line (krikrou) - dioneae red piranha (karnivores) - dionaea sl seedling (mic) - dionaea south west giant (mic) - dionaea spider (mic) - dionaea spotty (mic) - dionaea trichterfall (mic) - dionaea uk sawtooth II (mic) - drosera arcturi (t. carow) - drosera baine's kloof (mic) - drosera beleziana giant (cedric) - drosera binata (karnivores) - drosera binata multifida (enzocarnivore7) - drosera capensis (karnivores) - drosera capensis albino (enzocarnivore7) - drosera capensis large (karnivores) - drosera capensis red (?) - drosera crêté (green jaws) - drosera filiformis (?) - drosera filiformis florida giant (karnivores) - drosera hybrida (?) - drosera intermedia(?) - drosera intermedia anthocyanin free (carni) - drosera nidiformis cadmium (dylandu60) - drosera nagamotoi (t. carow) - drosera obovata (cephalotus) - drosera rotundifolia (?) - drosera spatulata (?) - drosera stenopetala (t. carow) - drosera tokaiensis (t. carow) - pinguicula grandiflora (bart54) - pinguicula non identifié (?) - sarracenia alata black tube (lyde46) - sarracenia alata judy slack (cedric) - sarracenia areolata, very colorful clone, snowwhite flower (Hans Luhrs), Rogier Van Loenen (cedric) - sarracenia courtii (karnivores) - sarracenia flava (karnivores) - sarracenia flava all red giant (bart54) - sarracenia flava atropurpurea red tube (cedric) - sarracenia flava cuprea pender Co, NC, W, (F45,JA) (F173MK) (cedric) - sarracenia flava 'goldie' (marf) - sarracenia flava long apicule (lyde46) - sarracenia flava ornata super ornata (olive84) - sarracenia flava rugelii (julien39) - sarracenia juthatip soper (karnivores) - sarracenia leah wilkerson (green jaws) - sarracenia leucophylla alba form from christian Klein (green jaws) - sarracenia leucophylla cronus (titan) (green jaws) - sarracenia lynda butt (cedric) - sarracenia minor jjl clone (?) - sarracenia moorei adrian slack H113MK (fabrizio) - sarracenia moorei pinkish top (olive84) - sarracenia moorei 04 (cedric) - sarracenia moorei (cedric) - sarracenia oreophila (lyde46) - sarracenia psittacina giant form (green jaws) - sarracenia purpurea clone 2 (karnivores) - sarracenia purpurea heterophylla (karnivores) - sarracenia redheri (?) - sarracenia rubra (lyde46) - sarracenia rubra gulfensis yellow river antho free (?) - sarracenia rubricorpora (egan) - sarracenia rudolf II (olive84) - sarracenia umlauftiana (karnivores) - sarracenia wrigleyana (enzocarnivore7) - sarracenia ( s alata x leucophylla - red and gold) x s. moorei 'leah wilkerson' (cedric)
  14. I'm Eric, passionate about carnivorous plants recently. I have 2 jars and a peat bog with droseras, dioneas and sarracenias.