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  1. Just sharing two beautiful Pygmy Sundew that I enjoy right now. They have been kept cold but just free of frost over winter in a leafless state. Now they are producing a lot of spring leaves. Drosera scorpioides and gibsonii. They are kept under artificial light during winter and are now in the greenhouse where they have been since Medio March. 0c to 32c these days and they enjoy it. Martin
  2. Thank you for the ansver Eric.
  3. I'm a bit surprise about just how beautiful a hybrid Drosera Andromeda is! Now I wonder if it's sterile or fertile? Martin
  4. There's a form of Drosera filiformis in culture from Virginia. Can anyone tell more about the origin of this plant and maybe give a more precise location of origin? Martin
  5. Catesbaei and recombinations :)
  6. Sorry. I dont have a picture of such a plant. Im currently working on an article about sarracenia cultivation to a danish magazine. Would any of you grow a hybrid including all known Sarracenia species and have a picture of that plant I can use?
  7. No, the other plants I posted were seed sown plants from wild populations in North America. I dont know how many years these have been in Denmark. The first part of the photos were from 2010. The next part pics taken in 2015. Picture 1 to 3 shows pure Spp from the danish population.
  8. Not sure if I have shown any of these pictures but here are some from a naturalized population of Sarracenias in Central Jutland, Denmark. As can be seen a lot of hybridization appears here.
  9. Both red and af clones from this site. Obviously cold hardy.
  10. Just sharing a few clones of Sarracenia purpurea Montana from Transylvania Co. NC. These are stunning and truly cold hardy plants. Note the winter color differences between two clones standing next to each other.
  11. Very nice plant Mike. Personally I would like a black purpurea shaped plant. Preferably fully cold hardy here :) that must be my goal within the next ten years :)
  12. Mid winter and all looking good. However, March is the toughest most here in Denmark.
  13. Its certainly a problem for some of the Sarracenia species. Flava (including Florida material), oreophila and the purpurea complex are the most hardy and obviously their hybrids including some, but not all hybrids with more tender species are the best. Anything with windows (leuco, psitta, minor) are just not hardy here in their pure form. And I define hardy not only to lowest temperature a healthy plant can survive, but including the summer temperatures, the temps in spring and fall and the result in form of strong growth. Im still aiming for producing real good garden plants that also