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  1. Te qedan semillas?


  2. Hello everybody I have got diseases with some of my Sarrecenia. Since some years, some pitchers are twisted. It's very strange this year on my S. flava. As you can see on the pics I joined, a half of the plant is nice and the other half, pitchers are twisted and sick. I have got no aphid and I see no insect on the pitchers. Have your ever seen this disease on Sarracenia ? Do you know what's happen and if there is a treatment. I hope you can help me. Thank you in advance Best regards Florian
  3. Hello everybody I'm going to travel on Lisbon in may. I would like to know if I can observe Drosophyllum lusitanicum near Lisbon in native habitat ? Does anyone know location where I can observe this wonderful species ? Thank you in advance Best regards Florian
  4. Hello Here a french link, but I don't know if you can see in other country : go to 28' Best regards
  5. Hello I have been thinking I had to post these pictures :
  6. very nice plant...but, it woud be interesting to be sure that it isn't a desease
  7. Very nice highland terrarium, with beautiful plants Congrat's
  8. I checked my plants yesterday and I found some scale insect So thank you for your answer, i'll buy an insevticide with imidacloprid for kill this insect...
  9. Hello everybody I grow some heliam since lot of years but now, they seem to have a disease. They grow well, with new pitchers, no problem, but they are attacked by something. There are some white points and under this points pitchers are brown or red, and necrosis. But it's always on the bottom of the pitcher.. This is some pic to show you the problem: And this, i suppose it's fumagine (i don't know the word in english, sorry) Do you know what is the problem ? And what is the solution ? Thank you very much in advance Best regards Franklin
  10. I don't know what's location is, but it's really a beautiful plant
  11. thank you very much for all your answer yes, they are in a terrarium in my greenhouse. They was only illuminate by sun (full sun during the morning), but they are not very coloured, as you say. So i added artificial light this summer, i wait if the new picthers are more coloured.
  12. Thank you very much ok for all this corrections And yes, the H. heterodoxa is the Ptari. This is my gran Sabana (It come from Jean Jacque Labat, i hope it's the true^^)
  13. thank you. And just a question: what do you think about my H minor ? I have a doubt about it
  14. H. folliculata (Murosipan) H. folliculata (Kamakaiwaran) H. nutans (Kukenam)