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  1. I've just bought a couple of white full spectrum daylight bulbs (came from the hydrophonics shop), along with a red and blue LED bulb to put into my terrarium - hopefully the neps will appreciate them. I also have it close to a large south east facing window which allows plenty of natural light into it as well. There are just so many different ones out there, it seems to be a minefield. If it doesn't seem suit them, I'll have to try a different set up of bulbs.
  2. It'll probably take me a while to be able to buy the various accessories I need, and collect bits and pieces to get it set up as a landscape.
  3. Please can anyone help provide me (email is great) with an official documents about the vulnerable status of carnivorous plants, especially Sarracenia and Nepenthes. Thanks
  4. Thanks. The plan is to turn it into a landscape with a small waterfall and a fogger system to help maintain the humidity.
  5. The hanging pots do give that impression, but she is most confused by it. She's constantly checking it out both inside and out, although I think her new perch will be on the top, above the heating once I've got it all set up.
  6. On just starting to look at the sizing with a few plants, to get an idea before starting to set it up. It quickly gained a new resident
  7. I've just got a large vivarium to turn into a Nepenthes Terrarium. It's come with a large heat mat, heat lamp and electric light fittings. Both the heat mat and heat light are fitted with their own individual thermostat. I decided to go with the vivarium as I have no idea with setting up electrics and wanted to be sure that they were set up safely. Basically, this is it as it had just been carried in, before even straightening all the wires up properly and putting the sliding doors back on. I've plenty of plans for it to get it ready for its inhabitants to start moving in very soon.
  8. I'be just bought a large thermostatically controlled terrarium for Nepenthes, and am wondering what the best sort of lighting bulbs are for it. It is fitted to hold two bulbs, plus a heat bulb and heat mats. Currently the bulbs in it are those suited to reptiles (I have no other details about them, as they came fitted in it). Are these bulbs suitable? Or what sort of bulbs do I need?
  9. Love your greenhouse and plants, especially the ginger one
  10. Some are sky high - yes, but others can be found at better prices if you shop around, buy young plants, ones that need some rehabilitation, sow seeds or wait until you find it at a price you can afford. I generally get much more pleasure growing young tiny plants and watching them develop or rehabilitating rather than buying much more mature healthy ones.
  11. Whilst looking on eBay I came across these silver earrings that are perfect for any CP enthusiast https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/381760982017 (I know it calls the pitchers flowers)
  12. Just found out Wack's Wicked Plants are going to be there
  13. Matt doesn't go to Harrogate anymore unfortunately If you click the individual areas on http://www.flowershow.org.uk/exhibitors it'll tell you who is exhibiting in which area. Hope this helps Also, the dark side says from the weird and wonderful world of carnivorous plants, but doesn't say who is that section http://www.flowershow.org.uk/show-highlights/the-dark-side
  14. The pitchers that are left seem pretty firm, so I'm rather hopeful after pruning the dead off, which was more than what's left.
  15. Thanks This is after its trim up, but I forgot to do one before. Compared to before the pot looks almost empty (over half of it was completely dead, so removed), but what is left does look to be reasonably healthy. I've placed in on a windowledge for the time being, so just hoping for the best.
  16. I rescued a poor Cephalotus whilst in the garden centre today. Some parts are totally dead, others not too bad - I think because it was bone dry. I've stood it in a bowl of rainwater, and will trim the dead parts off tomorrow once it's had chance to re-hydrate. I'm wondering if it would be best popped in the terrarium, bagged or just put in the greenhouse to give it the best chance of survival?
  17. You're welcome to some of our rain, if you want to collect it and take it back down south with you, whilst leaving us with some nice sun
  18. It's either one extreme or the other this year up here. Everything is overflowing again after the rains today
  19. I've had the same problem for several weeks, eventually it times out.
  20. Try contacting Jerry Addington who has it on his website to see if he can help you, http://www.jerryaddingtonssarracenia.com/contact It'll probably cost quite a lot as you'll need to get all the relevant paperwork to import it though.
  21. I bought a 100l bag on eBay about a month ago for £17.99, from hydroponics4less. Saved a fortune compared to the garden centres and was delivered quickly