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  1. I've had a vft do the same thing this year, whilst the others are all still dormant in the same greenhouse - most strange. I suspect it's to do with the fairly mild wet weather as I've also had several rose bushes that are planted in the garden continue flowering right through the winter this year (they did the same last year too).
  2. I've not used it on plants, but find it makes a brilliant fly repellent for the horses, also citronella is quite useful for making fly repellent as well. A few drops of fairy liquid help it to mix in rather than float on top, and a good shake before each use.
  3. Wyevale have reduced Pravado Ultimate bug killer to 1/2 price, but only the 3l size. They're £7.50 at the moment.
  4. I keep my Bicalcarata in a large heated terrarium that's near the window (so gets natural light as well as the grow lights) all year round. It seems happy with the humidity and temperatures in there. I wouldn't like to put it outside here unless I had a heated greenhouse, which is my plan eventually.
  5. I've sown some, just need to finish off.
  6. Merry Christmas Everyone, hope it's a good one [
  7. I had no problem with Carnivoria when I ordered some plants that were larger than I expected earlier this year, and found David really helpful. I'd order from them again and recommend them to others.
  8. It was basic queries, mainly with regards to shipping.
  9. I tried to contact them a few times in the summer, but never got any replies to queries either. In the end, I gave up and bought the plants from elsewhere.
  10. Where do you find good value bulk packs of orchid bark? I've seen a couple on eBay under the reptiles section as substrate, but is the suitable for plants?
  11. Thanks, it looks to have formed it's winter stage. I'll try it on the kitchen windowledge, for shorter daylight hours as I have the lighting for my Nepenthes 12hr on/12hr off. If it starts looking like it needs to go into the terrarium I can soon pop it in there
  12. Thanks, I'll keep it inside this winter instead of putting it out in the greenhouse. Would it be best on a window ledge or in the terrarium with my Neps? It's currently on a windowledge, but was puzzled as it looks to be forming a bud like the temperate ones
  13. Does anyone know if Pinguicula Tina is a tropical or temperate plant?
  14. It's freezing up here too, with the dreaded snow forecast for later on today
  15. Yossu, you do need to log in to Facebook before you can see anything unfortunately
  16. Ventrata aren't fussy plants, so yours should be quite happy in there. They do really well on kitchen or bathroom window ledges as they're more humid than other rooms. It may not do much over the winter, as they slow down in terms of growth, but as long as the temperature doesn't dip too much you should be fine.
  17. I tried splitting a couple of the standard garden centre plants last year. However, they didn't have much rhizome or root, and I subsequently lost some, unlike those that I'd sourced from carnivorous people or nurseries. I'd just re-pot into a larger pot and let it develop more rhizome and root.
  18. I've found a few too recently - horrid things, but the birds appreciate them when I throw them on the path
  19. Exciting news, hopefully a trip to Chelsea sounds in order next year
  20. I've been away. Although I do have a Facebook account, I very rarely go onto it - I tend to use it for saving game progress. I hate the way that it filters what you see and hate the timeline. I much prefer forums, and have no intention of abandoning them.
  21. I stopped topping up the trays at the beginning of this week, and I'll just give them enough water to keep them damp until spring now.
  22. Are you a registered charity? As I can't seem to see any registered charity number on your website