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  1. I'd snip it off, otherwise it weakens the plant. I've had a few flower stalks pop up just recently and snipped them off.
  2. I'm in the High Peak so not too far from you. I keep mine in an unheated polytunnel all year round, but before I got the polytunnel I used to use a mini plastic tiered greenhouse and keep them in that all year round.
  3. My first ever CP was a VFT as a young child, but I don't think it lasted long before it died, followed by several more. If garden centres had actually told us how to care for them they might have stood a chance. Once I started getting into them and found out how to care for them my first plant was a Sarracenia Fiona which I still have.
  4. Water butts are overflowing again here, just need some warm dry weather ...
  5. We had a number of them the other year, but thankfully I've not seen them since
  6. Thanks, I'm glad it's not just mine that are starting going into dormancy. It just seems earlier than normal this year for some reason.
  7. Picavorus

    Seed of 2013

    Love the traps on it
  8. Are anyone else's plants starting to die back for their winter dormancy. I've noticed that numerous Pinguicula have already formed hibernacula, or are in the midst of doing so, and the pitchers on many of the Sarracenia are starting to brown off. It seems really early this year, unless the plants know something that we don't.
  9. I've been using the iron phosphate pellets, which don't harm wildlife and they seem to be working ok.
  10. I usually try to negotiate a good deal, or leave them there
  11. Depends on what you're using it for. I use horticultural sand where needed, but tend to stick to peat, perlite and sphagnum moss for the vast majority of my plants.
  12. They are really useful, I use several but do need to tie them to a wall with rope as they easily blow over
  13. Are you able to pop into an aquarium shop? As they tend to sell r/o water pretty cheaply, which could help you out better longer term until there's some good rainfall to build up your supply.
  14. Definitely have a look on eBay or similar. A vivarium can make an excellent terrarium, and often has the light fittings already in place - they maintain good humidity whilst still being well ventilated.
  15. I keep a Bicalcarata in my terrarium, it's just got its first proper fanged pitchers this year. So far, it seems quite easy to keep as long as it's warm and humid it's quite happy.
  16. We're heading up to Harlow Carr on Sunday - hopefully there will be some nice plants for sale.
  17. Has anyone got any spare blackbird catching and eating plants?
  18. I'll definitely have to go over and have a look, to see their collection and have a look at what else they sell. Somewhere I've kept meaning to go to see what they have, but never got there even though I only live in Glossop.
  19. Thanks, very useful to know as it's only a couple of miles from me.
  20. I just add it to the compost bins and use it on the allotment and in the garden
  21. I'd sure I said something like that, but a polytunnel, growhouses, a large terrarium later...
  22. The ones that I have at the allotment in the polytunnel are catching loads, but I do have to donate half a side of the tunnel to fruit and veg plants, but the tomatoes seem to attract loads of flies. The ones I've got at home though are catching very little yet this year though.