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  1. I'm not sure about in Spain, but I know Matt from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants also ships them internationally. I find him very helpful and the plants always arrive in superb condition and very well packaged. The website is www.hantsflytrap.com
  2. Thanks. Our tap water is horrendous for additives, to the point that it tastes vile to drink even in cordial so I doubt the plants would be happy. I am calling in to the shop today for extra drain piping to create a water butt on the shed at my Dad's for emergency use. I'm just desperate for it to rain heavily to fill up my supplies.
  3. No, I've not tested it, I'm not quite sure about how I go about doing so. I've not completely run out of bottles of stored rainwater before, although have come close to doing so a number of times
  4. Locally we have some water running down from the moors forming a pond, is this safe to give carnivorous plants? Or can they be given clear river water? I am desperate for some rainwater to re-fill my supplies, as I have run out this evening.
  5. Both are happily installed and growing new shoots already :)
  6. Up until now I've bought all my plants, but I've been given some Venus fly trap seeds, and am wondering when is best to sow them, and what they grow best in. Please can anyone help?
  7. I'd love to see some carnivorous plants in their natural habitat, but I dont anywhere with suitable access near to home as I'm in a wheelchair. I live just in the Peak District half way between Manchester and Sheffield, so if anyone knows of anywhere suitable I'd be really grateful if they could let me know of somewhere.
  8. Hi, I love the variety in sarrancenias, but do have others which are lovely too.
  9. Thanks. It's been chaotic here, so had little chance to think about plants which has still left me undecided what to order but worked out if I wait to order until next week I can order both and problem solved.
  10. We're lucky thankfully, we have hedgehogs that devour our slugs and snails along with my dog who thinks they're delicious, she has tablets that cover lungworm from the vet. Last year it cost a fortune on plants and slug pellets, but I haven't had to use anything this year *touches wood*. Collecting them in beer traps and under citrus skins is a good way to get rid of them,, and wide copper tape is good at deterring them.
  11. I'm putting an order in early next week, as I need some compost for a young capensis that has decided to grow in with my Venus trap, so have decided to order an extra plant at the same time but am stuck between a sarracenia minor and a sarracenia excellence. I can only afford one of them on this order, but will be putting another order in once I have some spare money so will get the other one then.
  12. They're very useful, I grew all my garden plant seeds in there this year. Besides tent pegs a rope around them higher up attached to a drainpipe or something keeps them sturdy if there are any winds, as I found the winds could uproot the tent pegs even when they were full and had some bricks at the bottom.
  13. Thanks for the welcomes
  14. Hi, I'm fairly new to growing carnivorous plants but thoroughly enjoying them. I've got a bit of a selection of sarracenia, capensis, a monkey cup and a red Venus fly trap.