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  1. I bought a pretty budget polycarb one around a year and half ago and it's withstood a fair punishing from the wind, but I totally agree that a good helping of silicone is vital. I can't speak for longevity, but I haven't noticed any brittleness or weakness yet. So far i'm a fan of polycarb. Hope it helps, Ed
  2. I found this last S. psittacina dying in a local garden centre last August, it was so far gone they just gave it to me. Luckily there was some life left.
  3. This wee little Darlingtonia I got late last summer has only recently started to put out some decent growth. At the same time I got two baby Ceph's I tried growing one inside and one in the greenhouse. On arrival After winter in GH This week After winter inside, a fair bit bigger than its sibling. Now, it's still the larger of the two.
  4. I took some pics of my new plants about this time last year and it seemed like a good time to get the camera out again. Hope they're big enough to see properly! N. Ventricosa x Talangensis After Winter Latest pitchers N. Sanguinea Had a bit of growth spurt
  5. I nearly completely missed these, I'm guessing I walked straight past them a good few times at my local asda (Brighton), I headed there after finding this thread and found five Suki left (right next to one very dead sarra). I'm a bit annoyed I missed the Bill Bailey, but got a nice healthy looking Suki so cheers for the post!
  6. There's one more very similar dead one on another growth point, but they could well have been undeveloped from last year, I can't be 100%. I'll keep an eye out for any changes just in case. Thanks for the insight.
  7. It's in a greenhouse (in SE England), but you may be right about the cold. As the plant generally looks healthy I'm not too worried, it's only my second winter with sarras so I just wanted to make sure it's nothing serious. Cheers
  8. Hi all, My sarra (an unknown leuco. hybrid) has started growing black tips on a couple of its developing pitchers. Any advice as to whether it's a serious issue or fairly normal would be much appreciated. Hopefully you can see form the pic what the problem is. It otherwise looks healthy and is growing well, and budding/flowing for the first time. I repotted it in Feb, could it be salt damage? Thanks a lot, Ed
  9. Hi all, I've been wondering for a while about the grass-like growth from the dried Chilean sphag. I used as a topdressing. I'm new to using LFS and I can't seem to find details anywhere (sorry if I've missed anything obvious.) Is it just normal long fibre growth? It looks a bit odd, so thought I best check. Cheers and happy new year, Ed
  10. Hey everyone, A month or so ago I got my first pinguicula, it's only a small plant, and as I've never grown them before I popped it in some cleaned perlite/coir mix. While it's growing well, I was just wondering about alkalinity levels etc. I have some calcium carbonate powder (which I feed occasionally to my tortoise) would it be alright to layer some on top of the soil or mix it in. Maybe dissolve it into some water one day? Please let me know if it's necessary or just a waste of time. I appreciate any help. Thanks a lot, Ed
  11. eph101

    Capensis help

    They get a fair amount of light, not in full sun between 11-3 when the GH is naturally shaded, but good sun both morning and late afternoon. Heat levels are around 19-28C most days and go to around 12C or so at night. There's a vented window open all day, but maybe I need to get more air in. The only odd thing for me is that my younger typical capensis and alba are doing well in the same conditions but this the older plant seems stressed.
  12. eph101

    Capensis help

    Thanks for the quick response. I transitioned it fairly quickly. I kept the GH cooler and more vented for the first week but changed it once everything started growing visibly faster. Would shock take a few months to kick in? The plants have been looking very healthy up until around a week ago, and my other drosera etc are doing well too. Cheers, Ed
  13. eph101

    Capensis help

    Hi all, My 2 year old D. Capensis is looking a bit off in parts, of the three split plants two are flowering very well but a fair few of the leaves are decaying from the middle out (rather than from the tips). All I can think is that the flowers are draining its energy? The third plant has stopped growing at all, with no dew and has turned yellow (it has a long stalk from old growth and even some exposed roots). They definitely need re-potting, but as it's in flower and there are few plantlets popping up atm, so I don't want to disturb it yet. Not sure it's relevant, but the plants moved to my new greenhouse from indoors a few months ago, though my others are all doing well and are healthy in there. I've been interested in CPs for years, but I'm new to the forum. Though I'm only as novice so any help is much appreciated. Thanks a lot, Ed