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  1. Hi Benjam, it's the wrong time of the year (at least in the northern hemisphere) to sow D. gigantea seeds. And they do not need a cold but a "hot stratification". You surely know that they are tuberous. I treat them like most of my tuberous drosera seeds: I sow D. gigantea in summer (July) and put them to a sunny hot place. After sowing I allow the pot to dry out completely. In September I start to water again and to keep them wet. With colder temperatures and shorter days you will get germination approx. in November/December. In the best case. And then you need some years pati
  2. Hi, last year my plant produced some seeds. I sowed them fresh (normal summer greenhouse conditions) and they sprouted readily. Thus in my opinion there is no need to stratify the seeds of this species. But it's always good to hear some more opinions. Good growing. Peter