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  1. Dom


    Hello, i'm looking for some Aeonium with location. I could buy or swap with CP. Thanks. Dom
  2. Hello, I grow this plant for about 3-4 years and it's the first time it's flowering
  3. Hello, some pictures of my U. menziesii... Dom
  4. Hello, some pictures of my sarra... Dom
  5. Hi All, is someone could show me pictures of Brocchinia reducta seeds ? I try to find some but nothing... Thanks Dom
  6. Dom

    Triangular Trap

    Hello, the trap could'nt work and it hadn't senvitive hairs. Cheers Dom
  7. Dom

    Triangular Trap

    Hi All, do you've already seen a Dionaea with a "Triangular Trap" ? Here's some links to the pictures : Cheers Dom