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  1. Thank you Sir, ofc you are correct, I am a Nep flower virgin suffering from over excitement and had looked at online pics of open mature flowers, time has passed, flowers have opened (will submit pic once I master digi exposure in close up / macro, at night (previous pic was a tad washed out)) but the excitement level has not diminished at all. I feel like a kid again !
  2. My Nepenthes ventrata of 3 years has produced it's first flower spike and I think it is looking decidedly male, confirmation would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hmmm Notice the sale date ? April 1st ???
  4. It entirely depends on your reaason for growing Sarras, If for seed then no, leave the flowers (here is where I disagree with linuxman ((Sorry) no plant 'energy' is a waste) even if your plants provide you with but a few viable seed in the first few years, the annual routine (in my opinion) will help to condition your plant into providing better seeds annualy as long as they are well cared for. If on the other hand you wish to grow your Sarras for thier immediate size, shape, colour and are unconcerned about future possible hybridation then as previously stated, cut those flower buds and allow the plant to utilise its annual energy hype to go towards imediate plant 'looks' Besides as linuxman stated, the flowers are so incredible why cut em off ??? I remember my first ever produced Sarra flower, I was so gobsmacked at its exotic beauty I took gigabytes of pics and stll have them all to this day ! Hybridising living things can often produces examples that may find difficulties living in the natural world without ongoing help from man, I leave it to your morality, expertise and commmitment as to decide thier future.
  5. I have just e-mailed the manager of the Dartford branch of ernestdoepower requesting expected stock date, I will let you know if I get a reply. UPDATE Wow, they replied within 20 mins Good afternoon, We have stock due In Thursday of this week. How many bags are you after? If you let me know I can put aside and also let you know when ready for collection. Best Regards Matt Hobbs Parts Manager & Case IH Parts Sales Manager (SoT) ERNEST DOE POWER Sutton At Hone So it appears it should be in stock on the 29/03/18 but probably better to collect after the Easter Holidays
  6. My local market stall has some Cephalotus follicularis for sale (about 5 plants left), each plant has hundreds of immature pitchers.paid only £5 each plant, if you would like me to purchase one and post it to you within uk please add a request...we can sort out monies and postage later I purchased 3, planted 2 into my heat/light/humidity controlled vivarium and within 3 hours I noticed a distinct reddening of the pitchers. this is better than sex !!
  7. Buster

    Capensis Update

    Some I have transplated into peat pots, if they were rooted through the moss I simply cut it and potted it with the plant, others were simply lifted on mass and placed in the corner of an old aquarium/now terrarium as you see them in the photo and will be potted on as they mature.
  8. Further to my previous post my Nep has put out a third new growth point eminating from somewhere down near the basal crown, except it has come through the moss/perlite medium with a fully formed but not yet opened miniature pitcher! I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there is an explanation ? Thanks....Buster
  9. It looks like dry sphagnum moss to me also, I get exactly the same on the lower leaves of my Nep.
  10. Updated link :The Carnivorous Plant Photo Finder now at http://cpphotofinder.com/
  11. Nice, especially like the Drosera scorpioides.
  12. Hi Frank and welcome to another Londoner !
  13. Absolutely awsome as usual !
  14. Buster

    Is this Odd ?

    Good news, It must be happy with the treatment it is recieving. Thanks for the headzup guys !
  15. Buster

    Is this Odd ?

    My N.ventrata has started two new growing points from somewhere down near the basal rosette and the original growing shoot formed when the plant was cultivated from a cutting is becoming so long that I have added support as the weight was unbalancing the pot on its three support chains, I realise that it is ready to take cuttings from and I plan to do that quite soon when I have gathered all the necessary equipment, planting medim etc My question is, is it normal for the tendril eminating from the end of some of the newer growth to curl aroound on itself or is this just a sign of healthy vigorous new growth, I ask as (i) I am a novice and (ii) this is the first time I have seen this occur A full 360 degree. A 720 degree !! Thanks Buster
  16. Excellent news, are you planning to harvest the seed or try cuttings from the flower stem ? Whichever you chose I wish you the best of luck !
  17. Buster

    Capensis Update

    Finally managed to get a half decent shot of some of the D Capensis seedlings, I have hundreds of the little blighters and can see myself taking short spring walks on the common ground outside my flats shaking them down my trouser legs whilst nonchalantly mixing them into the local flora with deft sweeps of my shoes (reference to 'The Great Escape')
  18. Thanks Steve, so it IS acidity AND aeration that become an issue, what measures of sulphur and bark are we talking about per ltr of peat moss ? Regards Buster
  19. This one has been bugging me for sometime but the need for knowledge outweighs the chance of being flamed and/or looking stupid ! I realise that regular plants require re-potting due to green/root growth and loss of nutrients but If CP's require nutrient poor soil, how can moss peat be considered as spent ? Is this just a hard to kick gardening habit from other potted plants or is it structure, acidity or something else that degrades, if so could this degraded attribute not be repaired/replaced without compromising future growth, saving the need to purchase anew and contributing to accelerated loss of an ever decreasing natural resorce ? Edit: Wow 45 views so far and no replies (it's either a good or very silly question !)
  20. Hello and welcome to the forum
  21. Stunning pictures Maiden, I believe the moss like growth may be the fruiting bodies of a fungus, basically mushrooms but have not been able to find which species.I originally thougt it was 'Black Hand' fungus but it is usually found in woodlands, There are so many species not yet catalogued, but it definately looks more like fungi than moss. May I pose a question? I am in the process of constructing a climate cotrolled terrarium using an old aquarium with 240v mains for lights 3v for extra LED spots and 12v for thermostaticaly controlled input/output airflow fans supplied to the hood from an atx computer power supply and am very interested in growing some Heliamphoras, as a total novice to these species could you suggest a starter heli that would be easier to grow and a little more resistant to incompetence? Regards Buster
  22. Interesting ! I wonder how it manages to survive the digestive enzymes during its egg stage (assuming they are laid under the surface) and its developing embryonic stage with its gills and tiny appedages able to avert digestion, it must have a method of either halting the plants enzyme production or some sort of physical protection. Thanks for sharing the discovery.
  23. Hello and welcome to the forum, looks like Simon beat me to the link to HCP's Chipola Giant. Good Luck !