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  1. I use de-ionised water from Halfords - I've researched it a bit on the Web and as far as I can see it is just another 'pure water' water source. Ions (eg Na, N, P, Ca, K etc) have been removed in some way. Its also used for 'steam irons' and car battery topup. I know this sounds a bit worrying but I am pretty sure its fine to use. (ie. no dissolved ions)! Halfords is quite cheap at about £2.80 for 5 litres. My few Droseras seem fine with it, also VTs and Sarras. If I am doing something very wrong here please would someone let me know! as I am just a beginner. Digger
  2. Ah ha! maybe I will try this over the next few weeks ;-)
  3. Hi and Thanks Ordivic, I got it just this morning (pretty good - next day delivery!), I bought from Sundew Cottage, in Herefordshire I think. Its about 3ins high and looks really interesting. It came with a quite red-fringed capensis - both were a bit shocked I think as they were ReaLLy sticky in the bubblewrap - but lost it all nearly as I opened them carefully over a about 6 hours. Otherwise they look healthy I think. I have noticed the fact that I must turn them all regularly (also with the Saracenias) otherwise they grow unequally, but I am prepared to do this! Thanks again for a great response :-)
  4. Thanks very much pal - glad you answered - thanks alot manders.!
  5. Hi people! I am a newbie to this forum and have recently started a small collection of CPs, for my kitchen window sill. I know this may be a very basic question and may well be covered somewhere else, but it will be great to hear what you guys advise. I have just purchased a D.madagascarensis that is due to arrive in a couple of days. I have a roughly south-facing indoor window sill that gets about 8hrs of sunshine per day, the house is unheated during the summer but it gets ok warm in the kitchen. My D dichotoma D alicae and D capensis are all doing very well alongside each other. The new D madagascarensis is being supplied in a 2 and a half ins pot. 1) should I be very careful when acclimatising it (its coming from UK, to Cornwall UK), in any special way ? 2) should I repot to a bit larger pot quite soon or wait till next year ? 3) if I do repot will a sphagnum peat/perlite mix be ok ? 4) should I keep a little water in the pot dish all the time or let it drain regularly ? 5) is there anything else that I should be 'paying attention to' about this type of Drosera ? I really hope I'm not boring you guys with a misplaced or 'too basic' topic. Thankyou very much for reading this - I will be very grateful to hear what anyone has to say. I just love Drosera and can't wait to get my new one this week!