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  1. SteveH9


    Thanks Welshy
  2. SteveH9


    Does anyone put there nepenthes out in the rain or would it be to cold
  3. SteveH9

    Buying Seeds

    Thanks once again Paul
  4. SteveH9

    Buying Seeds

    Helps a lot being new to the hobby and your right about contact details if you wouldn't mind thanks Paul
  5. SteveH9

    Buying Seeds

    Thank you I would think it would be in the interest of the hobby to have a reliable list of sites were you can buy seeds so you can have more diversity in the hobby
  6. SteveH9

    Buying Seeds

    Thank already been riped of by a Chinese seller seeds just turned to mush in about a day that's why I thought I ask about seeds
  7. SteveH9

    Buying Seeds

    We're does everyone buy there nepenthes seeds from what are the safe sites or do you buy of other members . I would like to try to grow some from seed I think it will be more satisfying than just buying a plant .
  8. Thanks for the pics can see difference in size they look healthy in those conditions you have in your greenhouse think I will aim for those conditions myself.
  9. Looks like it's going to be a interesting winter thanks everyone
  10. I think I'll give it a go it says on bag the granules of volcanic rock gives a high water to air ratio what ever that means thanks manders
  11. Has anyone used lorbex Orchid compost before it does not say it has any fertilisers added just says its made from bark and volcanic rock wondering if it will be ok to pot nepenthes in
  12. no problem stealing thread haha just glad of the feed back , your plants look great , jonathan thats interesting thats what i think i will aim for those temps what kind of heater do you use and do you use a fogger at all
  13. Yes they have been stratified for about 2 months but could not wait for winter to sow them .one of the reasons for asking about germination is I bought some VFT seeds from a dodgy site on eBay (China) and they did not germinate just went to mush straight away .hopfully these seeds will be ok thanks ada
  14. Just sown my first sarracenia seeds , Sarracenia Leucophylla White Pitcher . Being my first sowing hoping for some advice .There sown in Irish Moss peat and perlite they have 14 hrs of artificial led light and a temp of 23.2c the peat mix will be moist .They are sown on the surface of the peat mix . When do you think I will see signs of germination with these conditions. Or do you think they need to be in a propagator for more humidity not a novice to sowing seeds as we grow our own veg but a novice to CPs.
  15. They look good to me . Do you mist them a lot