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  1. Has anyone tried doing water germination for Nepenthes of any variety? Any outcomes? Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. Is anyone on here growing these? I have found two or three websites selling what they claim to be seeds but I am skeptical. I tried once last year but what I bought had absolutely 0 germination. I am really interested in this species and am reaching out for some reliable information on where to find some
  3. I am currently in the midst of planning a terrarium build. I am not going to be going very big, 18 inches wide is the likely size I am looking for, 2 feet max. The main purpose us going to be for keep Cephalotus but with the space I would like to put some more with it. I have been looking around at a few species that would go good with it. Any recommendations for species of carnivorous plants that survive well in the same conditions as Cephalotus or ones that you have had good experience putting together with the . Thanks all for your time.
  4. Yes I have noticed that, I'm already planning a terrarrium to keep the tropical species in during the winters here... dont tell the wife
  5. Hello all, My name is Nathan. I'm relatively new to growing plants, let alone growing CP. I bought one of those cheap ready to go VFT kits and it started the beggining of a slight obsession. The little guy sprung up from dormancy and before I knew it I had 3 more species on the way. Currently trying to germinate 2 Drosersa and 1 Butterwort but still very early in the process. Have a few more seeds on the way. I am hoping they go well but I will probably end up buying a live plant or 2 next year.
  6. is a website out of Canada that has them in stock currently. I have only made one purchase from them and it hasnt been long enough to determine the quality of the seeds yet.
  7. Sir you had by curiosity, but now you have my attention. Did you happen to take any pictures during all of this?
  8. I actually just got them like 2 weeks ago from an online store, probably a bad time to buy them but I did alot more reading after the purchase. Bought them with some sundew seeds. So I have no idea how old they are or how they were stored. May be better for me to go straight to germination and have a go.
  9. I am going to try cold stratification for the first time with P. Grandiflora. This also is my first time with Butterworts at all. I'm somewhat new to CP in general. I'm doing cold strat in the fridge, and i've heard varying lengths of time are needed. My question is do I just do the time of cold strat and then change it over to the germination temp? I'm guessing I will see no changes during stratification to indicate the proper time to change over. So i just want to make sure I understand it, 8-12 weeks cold strat, and then move them to warmer germination temperature. Thanks all.